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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday by any other name...

Monday by any other name...
Is still a Monday.

I realize I spend a lot of time bitching about Mondays. Just as that thought enters my brain another: Nothing could follow weekend, even a short one, and come out looking good.

To make matters worse for this Monday nothing seemed to be what it was today, and everything just got a little more complicated right under the surface.

Peeling back the layers of simplicity only to find: no wonder my turtle is slow, it needs a damn tune-up

Thanks to BARAN for the photoshop.

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At 8:17 PM, Blogger J said...

To solve the Monday blues... move to a rotational shift like I have. Then every day is a potential Monday which makes every day of the week a potential Friday which means everything is equally crappy and awesome. Add a little sleep deprivation so you don't know what day it is anymore and you have a potential awesome Friday-Monday or Even Friday-Wednesday.


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