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Monday, June 07, 2010

Dear website designer:

I am not sure who designed your site but if your goal was to make a frustrating portal into the very bowls of hell itself, then to you I say: Job well done.

Your interface: lacking.

Your appearance: mundane.

Your mind numbingly frustrating timing out and server crashing madness: Pure evil genius.

The fact that your site has inspired me to rip off my own arm and whittle the parts I need out of my humorous bone is amazing. I now need the parts I was looking for AND anger management therapy as it took all I could muster to keep from throwing my laptop out the window.

Did I mention I still do not have what I was looking for.

Making a sight that frustrates me is difficult but you have succeeded admirably. The BEST PART was when you “customer satisfaction” survey even crashed.

You are clearly working on a different level. Bravo, my friends.




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