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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Your road will remain open for business ... and other lies I have been told lately

Everyone knows that road construction is aggravating, but when they tell you one thing then go ahead and do the complete opposite, well it just confirms one of two things. The whole show is being run by a bunch of drunken retarded monkeys -or- they think we are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do not know the difference between an open road an a construction zone nightmare.

This, my good friends, is a construction zone. You see I can tell by the loose gravel, the requisite despondent flagman and the fact THAT I AM NOT MOVING when I took this photo. Open for business my ass.

My dear inebriated simians in charge of the project, just a quick second of your time here, if I may.

Just a thought… Finish the first part of the road the you CLOSED OFF first, then tear up the rest of it. You know LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO. Or just do it this way, I mean no one is likely to need to get to work or even remember how this thing was supposed to go down anyway. again just a thought.

Never mind this was just one thing in a long list of lies that I uncovered today sliding nicely between “I don’t have anything on my driving record” and “ I sent you that check last week”. This does not help me be any less cynical guys, it was a perfect end to the day.

Thanks for nothing, you suck .



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