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Friday, October 14, 2011

Go Blue: Michigan Vs. MI State

This weekend, the Michigan Wolverines travel again this time to East Lansing to face arguably one of their biggest rivals the MI State Spartans. Adding fuel to the fire they both enter the contest ranked (11/23 MI/ MI State respectively).
To say this is an important game is an understatement from which all other understatements can only hope to be measured.
MI wants desperately to take the Paul Bunyan trophy back to Ann Arbor saving it from its shamefully long absence from its true home.The Spartans want nothing better then to stick it to Hoke's team knocking them down from their 6-0 start.
Although Michigan has lost the first game of the last two seasons to none other than MI State the feeling this year that the Wolverine program is on track and that winning is possible is pervasive all throughout Ann Arbor.

The Spartans will not just rollover though, and will likely prove to be a formidable opponent with senior QB cousins craving a win in likely the last time he will throw against the Maize and Blue. This is the one game that draws strongly defended lines and school pride comes out in everyone. With only an hours drive separating these two instate rivals everyone knows someone that went to school at one of these schools and the pride in both programs always shows.
At noon.
In Spartan Stadium.
One of these teams will be pushed ahead and the other left behind to lick the wounds that can only come from loosing to a huge rivalry school.
Good Luck boys.


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