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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shop Time: More small projects.

My mother wanted a replacement for what she was calling a house for her "outdoor" cat for the winter. So I knocked one out for her in the shop this weekend. Before she  was really using  just a collection of cardboard and old blankets... now we have upgraded to a fully enclosed wood frame box with rigid foam insulation a hidden access for the heating blanket cord (yeah I know) and a hinged top for human access.

This particular habitat does not have to repel rain as it resides under the roof of her back porch (thus the flat roof) but only a slight modification would allow for an adequately slanted roof.

It is just primer for now, still has to be painted to match her house, but really its almost wrapped up. Still it fun to do a quick project like this with no plan just winging it with left over materials I just have hanging around.


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