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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Origami revisited

After all the Origami fallout, I was left a little deflated.

I don’t know about everyone else butI was left wonder where are all those cool ultra portable PC’s at. Some are trickling in I guess. I have heard rumors or pricing (Samsung's Q1 can be pre-ordered from eXpansys for a mere $1,400).

But where is the rest of the hardware?

Check out the OQO 01+

This has been around WAY BEFORE the Origami hype, and its awesome.

First of all you can by this thing NOW. Second, it has a laundry list of features including: Tablet Edition XP (my fav), built in wireless, usb 2.0 and much, much more.

By it here at:

The downside: 3 hour battery life, and possibly to small to be practical but damn it might be worth the over $2000 price just to turn heads. Then again, maybe not.


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