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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Things Lost

I have a friend who boldly states that he never losses anything. I find this hard to believe.

I, on the other hand I have lost things.My mind, my patience, even my supper. Its when I loose stuff that is bugs me the most. I have written about this before (see previous posts *here* and *here*) usually it is when I am Sick, or Tired and not paying attention... But when I loose something I normally keep good track of it is infuriating.

And I go crazy, I am obsessive about a few things, and by obsessive I mean I will look for this thing for hours, days,months, forsaking all other plans driving people mad but its just so irritating I have to know. I just have to. I have even been dreaming about it, BTW according to my dream it is in my coat pocket, with a crumpled up paper towel. It life, however, it is still not there.

This is my pocket knife again; it is the one I carry every day. It is the one I have lost before and it has shown up again. But this time, I am not so sure.

I have not given up all hope, I mean I once lost a cell phone in the snow for months before finding it again (crazy story I dried it, took it apart, cleaned it and it worked… true story). I lost my fathers ring, one of the few things I have of his since his death, for seven years… yep seven, years only to find it again while ripping up the carpet at the cabin last summer due to an unexpected flood. So all is not lost, yet until a long time passes or I find the wayward knife, I will be walking around, driving everyone crazy, with one eye out for the thing.


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