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Monday, September 28, 2009

Cool Gear: The Zippo Lighter

Something about a Zippo Lighter reminds me of my childhood.

The smell of the fluid, the feel of the substantial machine in your hand... a machine that produces FIRE. Intoxicating.

In the days of bottle rockets, firecrackers and other borderline legal (and down right illegal) fireworks and even forbidden smokes....this was a rare find and a treasure. If someone could lift one from their father or come about one by any other means, why that man was a hero.

Nothing was cooler than a Zippo.

Time has changed me, and while I still like lighting things on fire, now it is more like the the grill and the occasional Tiki torch. No more smokes and very few fireworks.
I miss having a good lighter. Maybe even more a good reason to carry one.

So when I see one it takes me back. Calling to me with a promise of fun and youthful mischievousness.

Thank god you can still buy them *here*



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