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Saturday, September 19, 2009

MGOBLUE: Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan

Today, in what everyone predicts will be a sure win for Michigan, Michigan hosts their neighbor to the east: EMU.

It should be an easy win for the Wolverines and put them in an enviable position of an 3-0 start for this year, that is something that few would have predicted after last years dismal season. We still have to remember this is college ball and anything can happen and momentum swings happen as wildly as a bar brawler. Lets not remember what happened in the State/Central Michigan game last week and and go out and play our best, even though its hard not to look forward to Homecoming next week here against Indiana.

I hear also that Jonas Mouton landed himself a suspension for punching a Notre Dame player last week (you can see the video here) and that is unfortunate as it, it my mind, slightly diminishes an otherwise perfect game. Only slightly mind you as that game was an AWSOME display of what is to come in the next several years from Michigan.



At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Josh said...

Now that I go to EMU you would think that my loyalties might shift... but they haven't!

EMU has never beat Michigan but the one thing that may give them their advantage is their head coach. Ron English was U-M's defensive coordinator so he knows some of the defensive plays U-M will run.

Either way, I think it'll be an exciting game that will be a lot closer than people are willing to admit.

Until Forcier takes the field - GO BLUE!

At 3:39 AM, Blogger J said...

I had a 3am conversation the other day with one of our EMU players about status and actually winning.... I hope for their sake they win one soon


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