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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Detroit gets a bad rap…

True story:

Not only did one of my insured’s car get stolen in front of his house in Detroit (surprise) but once it was recovered and fixed, it was stolen again. In less than a month. Where? Right in front of his house again. Not only that but after the first time, he had put a new fancy alarm system in it… On top of the factory alarm that they had once defeated.

He woke to see it being *pushed* away as the alarm was going off because they could not get it started.

Again it was recovered, and is currently getting fixed again.

Hold on, here is the best part:

While his car was being fixed he called me today to tell me that, while waiting for his new car to be returned, his rental car had its tires and rims stolen and was sitting on the ground. Where? In front of his fricken house.

This is the reason rates are SO HIGH in some areas and why Detroit gets a bad rap.


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