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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Often I say I am going to the park

Often I say I am going to the park, I mean one of several places around the area where Tanner and I go play.

Today when I say we went to the park, I mean went to the park I have been going to since I was a child. Suddenly it struck me that this park that I often take for granted has more memories and ghosts for me then I care to remember. Like a wave they all came flooding back and for a brief moment I was young again standing on the rocky shore of the river while the melting snows make the water babble with the excitement of the coming spring.

Just for a moment. Then just like that I was back again.

At the park.
With the dog.

The dog who seemed oblivious to my momentary melancholy and vacant look in my eyes. She just dropped the ball at my feet and wagged her tail.

Often I say I am going to the park. Today I just a little farther then normal down a trail I have been down a few times before.


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