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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Archives:

Thanks again to all Vapor Life followers and commenters!

The cool thing about Vapor Life is we have been around for a while. So if you get a chance root around in the archives or do a little search in the box on the top left…you will be surprised at what you might find.

Since many of you may not have time to go digging through the old posts I gathered some of my favorites… let me know what you think:

Best rant:

(or maybe)

Best Photo

Best Email:

Best Twitter Re-post:

Best Sarcastic Post:

Best Wood Shop post:

Best Aviation related post:

Best Stupid Post:

Best Photo Shop

Best Dressed:

Most Cryptic:



At 9:57 AM, Blogger Josh said...

I love your rants, every time. Especially the ones concerning your customer service issues. You wouldn't have those kinds of problems if you'd quit raising people's bills!

I think you need another category though: best Tanner post. I've never even seen the dog and I love him! Also, you do a lot of geeky tech, football, and "overheard at the ________" posts. Have any faves from those?


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