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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How (not) to get your VaporLife comment rejected:

Thanks for all the comments everyone. As I had mentioned I had to change the comments to and approval type deal so don’t be discouraged.

Here is a quick list, just a short reminder if you will, of un-acceptable comments:

1) A comment with self serving, unrelated to the topic, links. (IE links to porn)

2) Post in a language other than English. (sorry has to be in English)

3) Be unnecessarily profane or otherwise objectionable. (only I can do that)

4) Threatening, or violent comments (again only I can do that)

5) Anything else inappropriate

Acceptable Comments:

Just about anything else.

So please keep the comments coming, they are all great. Just don’t expect to see it posted if you don’t play nice.



At 9:41 AM, Blogger Josh said...

After two posts dedicated to comments I feel obligated to say something to all those that have been breaking the rules. I hope you don't mind, Beano:
Cut the $h!t out you !@#$%^ !&@!@(*$^##!) before Beano has to !)#*^@!)^# and then you !!()@*#^$__$#!@(*&$^@!%&*#@ with your )(!~#@&*(^$@# or else he'll !&@^#$+=!&*@^ with his &!@^&#*#^ in your pretty @*#^$(@#^($!!!!

Seriously, people, I've heard tell of these tales and only pass them on as warning. Live by Jesus' command: "Don't be a dick, Judas."

I totally understand if you don't post this, lol.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Beano said...

You CRACK me up.


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