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Monday, October 25, 2010

This weekeds life lessons and other proof hell might just be feezing over

This weekend was a little weird, starting out with no MI football to get me off on the wrong foot. Not to mention having to work Saturday always makes things weird.

Then there was my bothers Halloween party... we had a blast but there is something deep inside me that still feels weird being at a party where at least 50% of the guest are police officers. Although there is nothing funnier that cop Karaoke... (I cant wait to see those photos J) I guess it just proves everyone has to let there hair down and party sometimes.

Then there was Sunday... where warm weather did feel a little like hell was freezing over and we were getting the leftover warmth. Dont get me wrong it was a welcome change. All the weekend work had to be crammed into one day but he best thing is The Girl finally got that big dresser project out my shop (yea!) so shop is mine again. Muhahaah....

So just a re-cap:
NO football - weird
Party with cops- weird
Abnormal warm weather- weird

All in all it was a great weekend... and now its back to work.

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