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Saturday, November 06, 2010

MGOBLUE: Michigan vs. Illinois

*update* -

The sun is out now!

Wow what a game! A shootout!


Dark clouds have failed to roll out as promised this morning, as if they were metaphorically projecting the mood here in Ann Arbor as Michigan prepares to talk on Illinois here at the big house.

While Michigan holds a commanding lead in the overall series this years season has entered an undeniable down-turn that makes this game a must win for the Wolverines. The Illini would like nothing better than to put Michigan deeper into its hole.

Rich Rodriguez must also be feeling the pressure as the murmurs of discontent have flooded into the valley rolling in like the cold weather that has gripped the area, that I can only imagine is giving him an extra shiver and a sense of urgency to get this program back on track.

It does not help that Denard has been less explosive than in the beginning of the season and chance of injury follows him like a lost puppy with every snap they take. The defense has been outright called a joke (I heard someone say they should put jerseys on pylons and let them try the defense) and execution of the basics seem to be something we still struggle with from time to time.

Today at noon we will square off, and hopefully find a way to win, bringing a small measure of redemption back to the team. The morale boost will be much appreciated by everyone.

Good Luck, boys.


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