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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tou bedroom kandough

Last night I met up with some friends in town for the holidays. L, who is Philly born but now lives in So-Cal, thinks it’s hilarious how we say things here… like when I was talking bout a property that happened to mention a “Two bedroom condo”. She giggles every time I say it because there is a little bit of the north in us…. So sometimes Condo comes out “Kan-dough”. It got me thinking… you never really realize you have an accent because you are from where you are, but there it was. I could even see it (or hear it ). So I decided to look and sure enough here is a list we, as Michiganders, say funny:

Click *here* or the link below:

Take some time when you are bored. Read the article. Laugh a Little.

Its funny because the further north you go the more Whiskaansony your accent can be don’t cha know. That is how I see it anyway.

From the list my favorite has to be:

"Wuds": Woods. Be careful in the wuds... it's deer season, an' ya got 30,000 unemployed auto workers, drunk off their ass, armed ta the teeth with high-powered weapons.

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