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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shop time: The Globe Stand.

 A long time ago, on a vacation the Girl and I bought this small inexpensive vintage looking globe in a small shop while on vacation.

It had no stand  but of course that could be fixed.

Several years later I realized I had yet to fix this. Since I did not have very much shop time today I decided to look past the other projects (some have been started some still just ideas) and knock this one out.

I had this oak disk sitting around so I found the center, divided into three 120 deg slices, and marked it all out. 

I drew these arms out with a compass on a scrap piece of oak that matched the disk and paying attention to the way the grain ran...something I have been paying more attention to lately.
Morticed some square holes to accept them and viola!
There was a bit more measuring to get the distance of the thee arms right and into the correct position as to contact the globe just way that looked pleasing to me. It was a little tricky... the rest pretty much fell into place.

Sure its needs some sanding still and I have to glue, stain and seal but I am pretty happy with the result so far.



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