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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

California Geography Lesson

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Ok so there was an earthquake in LA. I called my friend Paul who lives close to there and he said it was an event but not that big of a deal. They did not even evacuate his building.

What was disturbing was the graphic above that I borrowed from local a TV station. Not the spiffy graphic, really that was nice. What is weird is they had to lable "California" like we might get it mixed up with that other Los Angeles City on the west cost.

Seriously, are we that dumb? I can see it now:

"here's that graphic for that Earthquake story boss"

"Where this at? You need to put the state on here somewhere so the people know ! Try and make it awkward and out of place too."

"Right away boss"

Once again dumbed down so we don't have to think so hard.

Thanks smart news people Me no like using much thinking.


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