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Friday, January 28, 2011

Decorating: Yes its just a silly re-post.- but its funny as hell

My Girl is a decorating juggernaut. On top of that , she is pretty freaking good at it.
That being said... I can relate the to following on a purely theoretical level.

Check it out *here* at cracked .com:


Decorating is the most common form of DIY. Normally kicked off by the frustrated nesting instinct of the wife, it usually results in the complete destruction of the room by the husband, and the disbanding of the marriage by the judge.

How could you paint the bathroom New White when you knew I wanted White Tie? How?!

Because they look the fucking same

Choosing the correct paint color is essential to tying the room together. However, for the uninitiated, the range of colors can be overwhelming. This is often compounded by the bizarre names companies give their paints, presumably in order to trick panicked men into buying sixteen different shades of white. Names like:

Mouse's Back

Elephant's Breath

Dead Salmon

Sticky Fingers

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