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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mexican .... Not White.

The Girl calls me whitest Mexican she knows and she may be right. Although my name persists my Mexican heritage kind of waned with my fathers passing at a young age. Top that off with the fact that I look like my mothers side of the family, quite a bit. So although I have been told my family tree can be traced back to the the great Mexican revoluationy Emiliano Zapata all it really does is create a odd sort of paradox where I live in one world, but my name lives in another.

It really does create some funny situations.

The best things about having an overtly Mexican sounding name.

No one wants to steel your credit.

The surprise look you get when you don’t show up wearing a sombrero.

Hanging up on telemarketers is a lot easier when you don’t understand what they are saying.

All the dish network Telemundo package offers.

The worst things about having an overtly Mexican sounding name

No one assumes you have any credit.

The surprise look when you are at the resister with my credit card. (Like it might not be mine)

People will start talking to you over the phone, in Spanish.

All the dish network Telumundo package offers.

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That's funny :)

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