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Friday, April 15, 2011

Firday Date Night: Sabor Latino

As lent is wearing on our old haunts seem to be more and more mundane.
The Girl was in the mood for something different but still in our familiar comfort zone. Not too busy but getting downtown seemed like a good idea.
Sabor Latino fit the bill nicely. We had not been there in a while and were surprised to see they now had a license to sell alcohol  (A little Google Research says since Aug 2010) something we always wished they had. Ironically useless to us at the moment.
We spit the fajitas, with a extra side of the famous guacamole. 
It. Was. Awesome.
The best part, aside for the company,  dinner for two $22.00 ( pre-tip) in  a place we have been too long from. If you are in town, want some good food but are not feeling fancy check it out. You can thank us later.

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