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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iFlop: A dear Steve letter.

Dear Steve Jobs, Apple board, et al….

You have disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong you have come a long way in three short years. A long time since I blogged about the first iPhone announcement but lets face it. So have we. Yes us, the unwashed masses. You know all those you look down on from your benevolent throne.

Where might you have gone wrong? Glad you asked...

I, and a few others, have been waiting for an apple tablet for … well for years. Maybe longer . But here is where you went wrong.

1) Your hype machine was too good this time.
Magical? Innovative? Or just a re-packaged large iPhone? Really you needed an innovative feature, and you did not produce it. Seriously pick one : video chat, innovative input method, multi-carrier (cdma maybe?), or something unexpected. You did not come up with it so: Fail. Just saying "it just works" does not cut it any more we now expect it to just work. Just does something new was needed, and again. Fail.

2) iPad. Really?
If you wanted a product that sounded like a feminine hygiene product I guess you could have done worse. But not much. (vaga-pod perhaps?)

3) Sure you will sell a ton, after all it is pretty. Not to pick directly on you Steve but, but am I the only one that sees the emperor has no clothes? Or at least goofy jeans and sneakers. Seriously we get it your hip and casual but just get some nicer clothes, I am pretty sure you could afford it. What all that crap about being a ka-jillion dollar company. With all that money and talent this is what out came up with?

I guess really I could not have said it better than this guy from
It's a mobile Web device that doesn't come standard with 3G. It's an (overgrown) iPhone that doesn't place phone calls. It's an e-book reader that can't last a full day on a single charge. It's a computer that can't multitask. It's a media player you can't put in your pocket. It's a mapping and local search tool without GPS. It's the "best way to experience the Web" without Flash. (OK, maybe they have a point on that one.) The iPad is a lot of things. Sadly, a well-thought-out device does not appear to be one of them.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

I agree, it's not really worth the trouble. I do wish it had video chat funtionality but i can say from the experience on my macbook the video kills the battery so that's probably the bigger issue

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Beano said...

It is lacking that killa app like video chat or something.

It would not surprise me if they killed it for battery life.

or if they thought they could re-release with an improvement for a profit.


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