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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cool Gear - Microsoft Surface ....

Me Likey!

I remember way back in the day, when I learned how a geometry trick on how to find a circle from any given three points, as long as those points were not in a straight line. Days later I was a STAR in my mechanical drawing class when I could put this method to use in a practical setting. Something clicked that day. Something made me realize that seemingly unrelated things could be brought to work together and when this happens it is awesome. Of course back then I was plunking on an apple IIe at school and writing basic drivel on my C-64 at home.

Finally computers are starting to come to this revolution. Bringing streaming media, commerce, art, all to the table (no pun intended) in a graphical user interface that is just

as natural and rearranging stuff on your desk.

If you have not seen this yet, it is the coolest thing since … ever!

You can see it in action *here* ß caution…. Long video.

See more photos *here* (thanks engadget)

Sure, this is not the first multi touch interface we have seen but this one seems to be in the near future as high end production units are slated to go out to casinos and other commercial venues. Not to mention the apple iphone new touch based interface, but get this:

It seems natural, in the way you interact.

This prototype can detect a Bluetooth enabled device, like a phone or camera and when you set the device on the surface it can pull this images or media onto the surface for manipulation/viewing/listening.

It makes drawing/publishing/ scaling/cross media compilations childs play.
It can recognize your credit card, and calculate your bill. Drag drop, throw in a tip and place your order.

Pay attention tech gurus: This is the tablet interface I have been wanting. This is what I have been waiting for and the sooner you get it into a laptop I can afford, the better. Please, please, please, this is important. I need this.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Google Ann Arbor

Today I was invited to visit the Google offices in Ann Arbor. Pretty nice digs, if I do say so myself.

I had to meet a new client and I offered to pick up some paperwork. She was kind enough to invite me to lunch in the Goggle cafeteria, also known as the Battle Creek Room.

Room with a view, and a free lunch to boot… Thanks Erin, and Google.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Duck Duck Goose

In a late posting here is a picture some Geese and Goslings that held up traffic in front of a local prison, while they crossed the road last Sunday.

A small pond located in front of the complex proves enticing enough to risk crossing traffic with the young ones, I can’t help but think what risks the inhabitants of the prison would take to get out of the gates just beyond.

I guess its all in the perspective, one mans prison is another Geese home.

Bike Art

In a “what were you thinking” type move… my local municipality installed this sculpture/bike rack smack in the middle if the conservative old school brick laden building shopping district making a fish our of water look well quite frankly right at home.

Seriously I am not sure what was going through their minds, the fact that it fits in like a round peg in a square hole, or do they have a bet on how long it will be before the local skate borders flatten the thing out.

Secretly I hope the shop owner installed this without regard to his/her neighbors but I highly doubt the old school barber shop this thing is parked in front of invited this onto its front doorstep.

Hey what can you expect from “Cool City”

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Gabriel

In possibly the cutest picture yet, of my insanely cute nephew I have all at once captured his determination to blow out the candles and this unknown little girl’s excitement of the moment.

Happy Birthday Gabriel.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Grass Half Full

Its easy to be positive when you lawn looks good.
Its funny somthing so simple, like getting the weeds out of my lawn, can make me so content.

Dont look too close, there still there I just knocked them back some.

I hate useing chemicals, with the dog and all.

This taken this morning about 8:30 am. You can still see some dew.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Top five times I almost (and should have) died.

(inspired something I read… but for realz)

5) Breaking up fight with armed felon(s)

Once in college, I was so drunk I broke up a knife fight.
Yes this proves, drunk = dumb

4) 1987-1992

Ok these were some rough years for me. Numerous bad decisions, that I am amazed I lived through.

3) Fishing Tip to remote Upper Peninsula River

Never take your canoe on a remote river on advice of the locals who already have it out for you. Especially with no food, water, brains… hours later broken and bloody you finally will realize looking at a map once in a while before you go wouldn’t hurt. You know what im talking about, Paul.

2) New River Gorge, White Water Rafting

Amazingly I made this trip more than once. Including but not limited to dangerous rapids, cliff diving and drunken debauchery.

1) Pilot of aircraft, trip back form Canada circa 1996

Ok once I ran into weather so bad, freezing fog, ice, low visibility. I knew I was in trouble when the windshield started to ice over. At 1000 feet unable to see… scary. Somehow I lived. I am still not sure how. Ron you know what I mean.

Bonus Memory:

Several, several crazy stupid vehicle stunts but none stand out more then going about 50 mph though an intersection, deciding that I was supposed to turn… slamming on the breaks and cranking the wheel. Doing a full 450 deg. screeching spinning turn to the left. Managing not to flip the Ford Granada and watching the guy at the stop sign with his mouth wide open agape at me as I proceed like I planed the whole maneuver all along.

Recently a good freind told me: "Thats why I know I still have somthing left to do with my life... I lived through my youth."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day, to My mom... and all mothers out there.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dragon Roll

What a great add for Fishbones restaurant.

Makes me want to slay that Dragon, if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Speaking of Bugs

Speaking of bugs, I stopped by the hanger today and the neighbor had his tail dragger Cessna out. After greeting and his quick retirement back in to his hanger, I noticed this swarm of flying ant flying under the right wingtip.

Curiously, if you could have seen the action, the moving bugs looked like wing tip vortices, like a wind tunnel test.

Spider Tire

You know you are at work to long when:

A) You start feeling tired.

B) You are neglecting you personal life


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Air Photo Of The Week- Michigan International Speedway

Sunday, May 06, 2007.

It was Windy, from the east. An unnatural wind as weather usually comes from the west southwest. Barb, and I went with Ron and Verna for a quick breakfast in Napoleon, MI. Seriously windy and landing in a grass field with a plane heavy with fuel and people can seem like a daunting task.

Going from a screaming 125 knots with the wind, turning base across the wind then turning smack into a wall of wind trying to manage throttle, gusts, a constantly variable rate of descent… watching the wind sock whip back and forth and the grass coming up fast at you and still setting down with light touch, now that’s a neat trick. It’s like controlling chaos and its sort of intoxicating.

On the way out, we took a quick look at Michigan International Speedway. Oh and by the way, under the some conditions on the way back, Ron did not do to bad himself.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Congrats Ron & Verna

Congratulations to Ron & Verna and best wishes to you both as you start your new life together.

Reduce Stess - Dont Drive

Dear MDOT:

We know that here in Michigan the roads (like everything else) are run down and in some serious repairs.

On the other hand taking a stretch of us 23 NB near m36 without considering proper traffic flow ramifications is nothing short of genius. Seriously you could not have just done lane extension to keep the traffic flowing… no that would be easy.

Here is an idea too, make sure you Disable the m36 off ramp but keep the m36 on ramp open so that incoming traffic that has been waiting for “0” minutes mixes at the head of the back up with people on US 23 waiting for say …. A FREEKING HOUR. I am sure the cool and collected heads of Michigan drivers will treat this situation with the same kind of consideration they always do. Besides it ok that I am just sitting there buring gas, gas is so cheap anyway.

Anyway thanks again for a job well done. Clearly at 4 in the morning traffic must be just whisking along w/o a care.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pac Past

Back in the day… I used to be sort of a big deal. At least as the Pac-Man crowd used to be concerned.

Today I picked up the old habit and was surprised to find that I could remember the old patterns and did not do bad. For an old school gamer that is.