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Friday, November 25, 2005

Good Neighbear

One way to beat the weather is to dress in a giant bear suit and walk up and down the street waiving at cars.

No this is not me, but my brother.

Funny but instructions that come with the suit state that the Bear must have a “handler” at all times to make sure that the person in the thing does not fall on his / her “bear” bottom and break something. Twig had that honor.

Of course Tanner thought that it was a giant furry monster coming to get her dad and freaked out barking like crazy. Looked like an episode of cops where they train the attack dogs to round up errant mascots run amok.

All ended well, when Joe got out of the suit went back to being his old self.

To Mother Nature: We get it already its cold

OK feels like "1" give me a break.
More like feels like Hell, if hell froze over it would “feel like 1”.
What you just want to taunt us with one. Why not zero. What is that too cruel?
Ok this is nuts, anything below 15 degrees is just too f’n cold. You might as well have 100-15drgree thermometer then just f’n cold below that.

And thanksgiving, are you kidding me? You had to pick the one day I have off this whole month to show just how low you can dip the mercury.

Thanksgiving? Here is something to be thankful for, unless you are here or ANTARTICA, its probably warmer where you are at, give thanks. I mean the Indians gave there lives so we could have the land because they knew HOW COLD IT GETS IN THE WINTER. Later they built casinos with furnaces because THEY KNEW it was f’n clold here in the Midwest.

Ha Ha, you have our land, but we traded up from teepees to heated casinos. You ever try to sleep in a teepee when it “feels like 1”.

And with today’s fuel prices, yeah I cant wait to see how much my bill is just to keep it warm enough in my house to keep the coffee from freezing when I set it down for more than one second.

Oh and before you write in and complain:
Note this is for comedic/satirical purposes only. This in no way was meant to belittle, demean or otherwise disgrace the noble native American Indian, or any other person or persons due to race, religion or other affiliation.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Damn Snow

Ok so first real snow came to day, to early for me I tell ya.

Here is my truck outside of work.

After this picture Its been about two hours since I took this picture and its still snowing.

They were calling for 1-3 inches but I be its already that and maybe more.

Damn Snow.

Historic Hoover Mansion

Today my neighbor John invited me to his jobsite where one of his "crews" is working on painting the interior for the Histoic Hoover Mansion.

This estate, that looks like it should be on was just pruchased by Univerisy Bank in ann arbor and is being set up as some kind of high end banking center for the big shooters/headquarters for the bank.

So it might me one of the few times I ever get to see the inside. It was under some major reconstruction but you could see how awsome the finished project was going to be. I was invited back to see it near the final stages. I will take some inside shots then and post them.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Funday

Not actually all that fun.

I worked my ass off but I did manage to find time for a dusk flight.

I took Tanner with me as I could find no one else to go. Here she is waiting for me to get the hanger door open.

You can see the sun was setting it could not have been a nicer evening.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fly By

Today, Michigan routed Indiana.

The 21st-ranked University of Michigan football team cruised past the Indiana Hoosiers, 41-14, in front of 110,580 fans on Saturday (Nov. 12) at Michigan Stadium. Following an early Indiana touchdown, the Wolverines scored on three of their first four possessions en route to 41 unanswered first-half points.

I missed the game, I was at work. Best part was after these two f18's buzzed the stadium at 500 feet they flew right over my office almost knocking me out of my seat.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tanner and the truck

Back in Michigan.

I found this picture that is actually one I took a while ago, with tanner and the Truck.

It is such a good picture and it reminds me of things I missed while I was away.

Dont forget to click on the picture for a closer view.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Del Mar

A good place to eat fish Taco's

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bee and flower

More in the close up series...

thought this little bee was cool

Weird pod

I found this weird seed pod/ pine cone thing on the sidewalk so I snapped a photo.

Hard to tell scale but is about 4 inches.


Rockys in Pacific Beach has the best burgers west of Sidetrack.

This little hole in the wall was like being back in the midwest for just a second.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Seals on the beach

This little guy was looking up at me so I thought he was blog material.

He was rolling round on this back in the sun just soaking up the rays before he stopped to look up at me standing on the sea wall.

By the Beach

We stopped by the road for a second and I snapped this picture with the phone.

Not to shabby.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More Cali

Standing on Solidad Mt. over looking the beach you could see the Marine layer of fog rolling in.

Later we stopped for some Tacos at Joses Courtroom.

Going back to Cali

OK I made it here, and it is nice. 72 at the beach today, not to bad.

I will be posting a lot this week so keep tuned.

(view of Paul's Back patio)