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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Warentee Hell

OK, before, I alluded to a problem that I was having with my TV.

When I purchased my big screen HD TV, I did so a t a major box store (rhymes with WEST BUY) I was encouraged to get the extra warrantee. Usually I an NOT in favor of purchasing these things as in general I think they are a rip off but the 17 year old kid went on to tell me:

The projection model I purchased had a light bulb and the factory one was “junk” a replacement would be needed in 3 years, and the warrantee is $200 the bulb is near $500 so it’s a no brainer.

So I went for it, and he was right. 2 ½ years later my TV went blank.

So being a “large Screen” I had in home service, but since I did not know for sure it was just the bulb. I called Best… well the store, and I made a warrantee claim. The asked me to call a local repair shop, they gave me a number, and that is how it started.

What happened next was a 48 day odyssey of trials and tribulations that nobody should ever have to go through. Barb was kind enough to meet the “technician” they sent out. Here is a clue: if work with the public, I.E. interact with people face to face and or go into their homes, learn some basic hygiene skills. When, well we will just call say his name rhymes with Crusty, showed up he was rude, dirty, smelly and made the mechanic from the move U-Turn seem rather reputable. Apparently, in home service in this case meant he came to pick it up so he could take it back for diagnosis. When I called to complain, I found, he was the only technician and would be the one fixing my TV. Lovely.

Somehow, once they realized it was under warrantee, and I was not going to fall for any of there “we don’t know if it will call be covered” bullshit… my case got lost. The parts had to be ordered, re ordered, approved by the warrantee before they were ordered well you get it. I was given miss-information, and basically given the run around for a month and ½. Although I will fault the shop for 85% of the problem, the warrantee people lost my claim once in the whole process (“ I’m sorry sir, I just don’t see you made a claim for this.” Really you have already sent the paperwork the freaking shop how does that work!!) . The worst part: not once did someone call me, I had to make near a dozen calls, in the end it was my regular Tuesday phone call, my morning hassle if you will.

When all was said and done, after spending most of the college football season w/o my TV, here is the topper. When I finally called and found it was done (yes again they did not bother to tell me it was ready) the same guy meet me at my home, to drop it off. I asked him to just, help me place it on the floor near the stand, I would do the “set up” later. OK but the bulb “counter” had to be re-set, and you have to do it with the remote, which he did not have. He was going to write the instructions down but I said… oh no, you are here you do it. I plugged it in and to my astonishment the pillar of professionalism could not do it. Why? I had no “PIP” button, I had to have a “pip” button. I pointed out I had a “slit screen” button but no that would not work. Finally he left, w/o completing the task promising to “fax” me the instructions by the next day. I did get the fax, I did compete the sequence to reset the meter (it used the “split screen” button for my model) . So what is the moral? Know ahead who you will be dealing with, find out first who is reputable (later my neighbor told me a similar experience with this shop) then call the warrantee in and don’t except anyone but the shop you like. Be prepared to play some games, and in the end be patient.

Its just so said that a shop like this can exist, take someone for a ride and survive to see another day.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I got up, dragged Barb out of the house early and took the plane out despite the early morning fog. As the fog burned off, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

As I turned about a 15 degree banking left turn, (that’s my right wing in the picture) I looked out and I was reminded I have a lot to be thankful for.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cool Gear- Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Triptyque

If you have been paying attention, you may have just maybe noticed I have thing for cool watches. Like most things, there is a never ending parade of one up-man-ship to the point where I almost wish I did not know so much about watches that I may never own. Here are the details on this one. (Thanks to

Luxury watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre has gotten quite a bit of mileage out of their famous double-sided Reverso watch. They recently held a party in New York to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Reverso. They've upped the ante with a three-sided version, the Reverso Triptyque, which made its U.S. debut at the party. The watch costs around $375,000 and has a tourbillon on its front face and a zodiacal calendar with an astronomical chart, an equation of time and sunrise and sunset times on the back face. The third face has a perpetual calendar in the Reverso carriage. Overall the watch has 18 complications, and has six patents pending. You can read in great detail about the watch at The Watch Quote.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bo- God Bless you! 1929-2006

AP-ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Bo Schembechler, the winningest coach in Michigan football history, died Friday after collapsing during the taping of a television show, according to three Detroit TV stations. He was 77.

The only news bigger than the Michigan (2) and Ohio State (1) football contest tomorrow, could be the passing of the beloved iconic former football coach, Bo Schemblechler. On the eve of arguably the biggest college football game in history… Bo Schembechler went off to the big stadium in the sky.

In the over century old rivalry between the two teams, this might mean more to both sides of the field than all of the previous contests combined.

Coach of the Michigan Wolverines from 1969-1989 he was the winningest coach in Michigan history. The seven-time Big Ten coach of the year compiled a 194-48-5 record at Michigan from 1969-89.

Bo, who reportedly did not go to road games any more, will no doubt be in everyone’s hearts and minds tomorrow. I have not doubt this is a road game he will not miss as he will be looking down on everyone giving his blessing to his beloved Maize and Blue. I have no doubt that come tomorrow he will be ejoying the game as he always did with love for the sport that is rarely seen in even the most die-hard fan, the most dedicated coach, the oldest alumni… We will miss you Bo.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Since my big screen is still in the shop, (long story I will explain later) I have had to get creative with the shows.

Here is the best of a series of shots I took while Barb and I were watching TV last weekend.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Recently ...Just Recently

Someone I know that prides himself in being a manly man… just discovered that it was I that played a practical joke on him. It involved this princess ball, a ½ tube of super glue and a previously manly f250 pickup antenna.

Even though I had admitted to being the perpetrator years ago in a drunken confession, apparently he had no idea until last night when I reminded him. He must have had more to drink than I did that night. This happened YEARS ago and still makes me chuckle as he did drive around with this thing on his truck for a week before he noticed. (I wondered why those girls were laughing at me!)

I am leaving his name out, for now, but he has vowed to avenge his pride. I hope for his sake he is not that stupid… Let it go princess, Just let it go.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Sleeping under the desk, distrurbed by a deranged photogorapher, the wild office dog awakens with a groggy sence of well being that can only come from the knowlege that she is the real boss.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Please People, Take Care of Your Shit.

Actual conversation, the names have been withheld to protect the challenged.

Woman: Hi Im Here at the car dealer, getting a new car.

Me: OK, did you know your last insurance canceled months ago.

Woman: Yes, that’s OK though I Was not driving.

Me: Ummm, not really it would be better so show continuous insurance. You realize that your license was suspended when it cancelled months ago.

Woman: Yes, I never took care of that because I was not driving.

Me: OK well, have to have that reinstated to get car insurance, give me your license number so I can run it.

Woman: You don’t have it?

Me: Not anymore, as I said, you insurance canceled months ago, due to privacy concerns we do not keep your private info… do you not have it?

Woman: Not on me.

Me: Can you get it.

Woman: Well (man’s name) is really buying the car. Does that matter.

Me: Yes it matters, we have him listed as your x-husband and out of the home for your renters insurance.

Woman: What address do you show?

Me: (her address on file)

Woman: Oh, I don’t live there anymore, that was three addresses ago. We bought a duplex.

Me: OK well you have to tell us when you move, also, bought a home?

Woman: Yes, well we are buying it. Going to buy it.

Me: You need home insurance, then… before we go any further can you call me back with your info for your and your spouses licence.

Woman: So there is nothing you can just fax me, like proof of insurance right now.

Me: Not really, as I have stated your insurance lapsed months ago…

Ok I could go on but it was 5 more minutes of crazy with her finally agreeing to call me back. Please people don’t be surprised when you don’t take car of your shit that it causes you problems.

You Go, Helio.

In what I can only assume is an attempt to stay afloat, fledgling hipster phone company Helio just released this new phone the drift. Impressive.

With QVGA screen, gps, Bluetooth and a 2 MP camera and more its a down right up standing phone.

$225.00 (with contract I presume) seems like a good deal as well.

Apparently you can choose any color you like, as long as its black or white.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

HP Ink Costs More Than Human Blood, Booze

I knew those damn ink cartridges were a rip-off. Im going to start printing with crude oil.

Thanks to Gizmodo for this one.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Cool Gear- Blancpain Havana Watch

Sure chocolate is the new hot trend, in watches and phones and everything else… but this watch is gorgeous.

There are THOUSANDS reasons I love this watch. The first 150 reasons are the 150 limited additions that were made. Several thousand are involved with the precision, craftsmanship, and quality of this time piece. Several thousand are personal, and a few have to do with my love of all things beautiful. Did I mention it houses some of my favorite complications, GMT and moon phase, and does it in a package that would make anyone gasp at its mere appearance on the wrist. Finally a couple have to do with it being just out of my price range at a whopping… well if you have to ask it’s likely out of your range too.

Looks Like Im not the only one eyeing the Nokia N80


Silver Surfer
If you need to surf the Web on the fly, this diminutive quad-band GSM phone is one slick stick. It features a browser, Wi-Fi, VoIP support and a Yahoo-powered mobile search application. It also includes a three-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a mini-SD slot and USB 2.0. Nokia N80 Internet Edition; $600

PS- Its cheaper if you look around.