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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prickley Pear Ann Arbor

Last night, Barb and I went to the Prickly Pear.

We were able to get a seat outside, on the sidewalk without a wait. I am not exactly sure out we were able to get a table as there was a wait. Apparently they recognized how important we are. Dinner was great, and the place was happening. All of Ann Arbor was a buzz of activity.

The shrimp and scallop quesadilla was excellent as was the golden margarita. Best of all we split the ample portion and had a good meal at a reasonable price. Yum.

Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone- schmyphone

iPhone- schmyphone….

What’s the big deal anyway. Here it is before 6 on friday and I just bought one on the street for like $50 off retail… what a steal.

Don’t believe me? Here is a quick photo…

Little trouble with the set up... call quality not the best yet.

And to think: all those other sucka’s stood in line.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

OMG- Its iPhone Eve

All over America (and the World) geeks everywhere are more excited than if Jenny McCarthy fell out of their computer monitor onto there bed. The bed among some casino chips. While wearing high heel shoes. While in Vegas. Jenny McCarthy, In Vegas, on the bed, among millions of dollars worth of chips…

Wait what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, iPhone.

What is really sad is there are grown Men (and Woman) who are more excited tonight then on (Insert holiday of choice) Eve or if Jenny did fall into their lap for that matter.

Steve Jobs would let you think that tomorrow will be the day you tell your grandkids… I remember where I was when the iPhone came out.

I am the hugest geek I know, and you don’t see me in line, or shelling out the dough for this first edition iPhone. I don’t want to say that the Apple fanboys have taken this thing a little to far but didn’t I hear something about false idols once.

I hope this phone is PERFECT out of the box because when the giant apple hype machine explodes, there is bound to be some collateral damage.

I just wish I could hear more about this phone. Please more stories please, come on Apple, no skywriting, WTF.

Smarter: Dog Vs Cat

The Cat sometimes seems smart, but let’s face it, all that feline facade is really a front for mostly instinct and “chase “ reflex.

I mean the cat may look all cute and contemplative, sitting there across the room ignoring you but the dog KNOWS what you are saying. Tanner probably has a 20 + word vocabulary. Not to mention that she somehow knows when I am wrapping up a conversation ( I am still not sure what clues she picks up on ) when I am going to the basement (damn did she hear the dryer stop tumbling) and about 50 other non-verbal clues she just knows. Some of which are highly annoying, but still show some cognitive skills mind you.

Plus lets face it she may be a fetching machine, but there is zero chance the dog will get closed in the dresser drawer for hours because he she HAS to jump in any open space while your back is turned. (Seriously true story, damn cat).

The separation factor is way higher with the dog. Sure it might just be Tanner, and how she is spoiled going to work with me and all but she LIKES it when you are around, the cat…. Meh… didn’t even notice you were gone.

Really its not Kittys fault, I mean just look at cranium size. Cat brain walnut size, Tanners brain about a softball. I mean all other things considered what kind of computing power you going to get from nut size brain.

So I am sure it is no surprise to most people, but the Dog wins… by a mile. Don’t be haters cat owners, you know its true.

PS to my chagrin, I have grown fond of the cat, more than I thought I would being the dog guy that I am.

The best thing about the both of them... could give a shit about the iPhone.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Cool Gear - Omega

I’m so fickle… I thought I would never lust after a non-GMT watch, when I ran into this very watch at my local Ann Arbor Jeweler when I took one in for a repair and my heart sopped like a hacked movement.

Omega, my favorite, did everything right with this limited addition Olympic commemorative watch.

This image does not do this watch justice. In a nutshell it is awesome, and beautiful. I am afraid there is NO WAY I am going to shell out the dinero for this one … no matter how much I lust for it. Not unless something changes in the pocketbook department.

All this does not mean I won’t continue to want this watch for long time after it is gone.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

iPhone- Top Ten Reasons I Am Waiting

Sure it is coming out this Friday. Sure everyone wants one. Sure it’s the best invention since oxygen. No matter how good it is here are my top reasons why I won’t have one in my house for a while.

1) If I get one before my Girlfriend, she might be upset.

2) 2Mp Camera- Yawn… 2mp is a step down for me Steve. Many of my blog photos come directly from my phone, and some photos I print.

3) Price- I have paid before to be the first and I have learned.

4) I hear the “intelligent” screen keyboard leaves something to be desired.

5) Still no expandable memory/card slot… you can to better than that.

6) I am not defined by the number of Apple products I own. (that number is zero BTW)

7) Apparently I don’t listen so what do I need a phone for anyway (per the Girlfriend)

8) How the hell do you keep from scratching the screen? Or smudging the screen, or keep the drool off the screen.

9) I cant afford to camp out for a week just to get one. As much as I would like to hang out with the uber geeks that gotta have one.

10) If I get one before my Girlfriend, she might be upset.

Fishing Hell

This summer I have been so busy, I have not even picked up a fishing pole. Much to my dismay I came to this realization and all at once I missed it more than I expected.

In honor of my lack of fishing I have posted this shot of fishing line going out over a pristine lake, in the negative. Click on this one to check it out close up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More From The Wood Shop- June Update

OK so that bookcase I have been working on for 6 months now- is finally coming to fruition.

The problem is I keep adding details like this dragonfly, one of four insect panels to be set into the sides of Mina’s case.

I am afraid the finishing process is going to take forever. A combination of paint, pre-stain, stain, and polyurethane will be used to finish this one. The sanding alone is likely to be a project in itself.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Recordarle, padre.

Me pregunto a veces lo que usted piensa en el hombre que me he convertido.

Día de padres feliz.

Lazy Sunday Morning

Even the Kitty, who slept in the windowsill had a hard time getting up this morning.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tractor Repair

Today, Barbs tractor needed attention.

Apparently someone who had replaced her tire, and done so without the wheel bearing. This caused the spindle to wear unusually (as the tire was wobbling) as seen here. It was bad enough that the side of the tire was rubbing against the arm. So thanks to Les and Hoyt E Whelan Co. in Tecumseh, I was able to replace the rim, bearing and the spindle assembly seen here for less than a c note. Discount Tire of Ann Arbor also was kind enough to change tire for us w/o charging a penny … rock on Discount Tire.

Anyway tractor back in commission, some small parts replacement skills required, bottom line: Barb is happy and the tractor works.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The New Google: Eye In The Sky

I am not sure if I am impressed, or scared but it is pretty damn cool that I can see my car parked at work on Google Maps.

I can also tell who was at work that day with me based on who was parked near me. Its pretty weird to think that someday soon if not already, somebody somewhere will say “ I can prove I was there, you have my car on global-sat tracking at (such and such a time) at (so and so a place).” Maybe I have been watching to many Law and Order re-runs but it seems like this kind of thing could be useful, and dangerous all at once.

Forget Brittan’s big brother approach to security, pretty soon we will be under some ones (or things IE Defense Net) watchful eye 24/7.

Now with Google’s Street View, you will gave acess to images on a street level view also scary as it has been turning up all sorts of interesting things and all sorts of reactions.

My take… want it or not… look out freedoms here it comes.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kitty Checks Back In

Kitty decided to try on Barbs sandals today, then hung around until everyone could see that she had claimed them as her own.

Later she was found hording three of Tanners balls underneath the fire wood. Guarding them with at least one of her nine lives.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cool places: Zingermans Deli

The best deli in the world: Zingermans

Since the office has moved form Downtown, it is a rare treat to eat at Zingermans Delicatessen, and even a better treat than to enjoy this with a friend, Carrie.

Of course you have seen Carrie before but it been awhile because I have not had lunch with her in a while.

As far as the food, it was beyond compare, as one could only expect from a place that has become an institution and is on the tip of everyone’s tongue when you mention good food and Ann Arbor in the same conversation. I don’t mean to be over-dramatic but every time I order the #44 Architects Four Club, I can almost hear the angels themselves gasp in anticipation.

Sure the sandwich is $11 but can you really put a price on a small piece of heaven?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Newsboy Cigars

I found this image a t the LOC.GOV.

I am not sure what is more disturbing:

The fact that smoking was so cool that using young kids in a glamorous profession like "paper boy" to help sell your deadly (yet admittedly cool) product was not only condoned but commonplace, or that I found this public image for sale on eBay as well.

Click on the picture for more detail. Check out the kid on the left, he has a bag that says “Detroit Free Press”.

Way to go Brown Brothers, Detroit.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

This Weekend

This was a event filled weekend. A rain filled on as well.

It was Chelsey’s graduation (congratulations to her), and party. My neighbor’s son’s graduation. Matt and Kendra’s reception as well. That was just Saturday.

Throughout the weekend it rained, and stormed, hailed, and rained some more.