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Vapor life... My life as it is, as it should be. *********************************************************************************************************** Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. Fran Lebowitz (1950 - )

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


My perfect nephew. Sitting here on the couch, watching Bugs Bunny for a while we just sat and chilled. He reminded me how funny a blanket and jumping on the couch can be.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

FAA instrument test

Today, Sept 26th I passed my FAA written instrument exam.

Something I have been putting off for one reason or another for quite some time now. This makes me a better pilot, and is the first step to my instrument licence.

Keep in mind this does not mean that only now can I "use" the instruments in a plane but, once complete, would allow me to fly in worse weather and/or conditions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Houghton lake

I took this picture some time ago just above and east of Houghton lake. Looking west you have a clear view of the lake and a reflection of the clouds against the water.

I have been doing a bit of reflection lately so I this picture stood out for me metaphorically speaking that is.

I have always been fond of this picture.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Holy testosterone Batman!


I have heard of this truck, the International CXT.

Never ever have I seen her in the wild.

Yes International, as in semi-truck as in Frankenstein a bed on the back of a semi and give new meaning to the phrase monster tuck.

I snuck up on her at the local Home Depot. The size is deceiving but this was one big truck. Here is how the international website describes her:

The Ultimate Truck for Extreme Work and Extreme Play Onlookers have been known to gawk at its style and gasp at its size. At 21-feet long with tires hip-high and a 9-foot tall cab, it's the largest production pickup truck currently on the market. It's an International CXT—born out of the proven International 7000 severe service commercial work trucks used by professionals for the most rugged applications. Equipped with the legendary International® DT 466 diesel engine, the CXT provides up to six tons of hauling power* while its air-ride cab and individual bucket seats offer an exceptionally smooth ride. A spacious and well-appointed interior, including luxury options such as leather, DVD and satellite radio, ensures automotive-like comfort and convenience. You could say it's an extreme production pickup truck. Whatever you call it, the CXT leaves bystanders speechless. For drivers who want to make a statement, this is how to broadcast it. Size, power and flash brought together to create the ultimate truck for extreme work or play. The result of more than a century of leadership in the truck market, the CXT is simply a vehicle unrivaled in capability, size and appearance and delivers performance in a big way. *Tow hitch required at extra cost.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Why cant we all just get along?

As a special treat this week I got to witness the reenactment of the greatest feud of all time played out in a modern setting between my tenants and the neighbor.

I am not saying one side was right or wrong, and I am sure that like the famous conflict of yore it got out of hand.

But after all the screaming, bad blood, formal complaints, police reports, strewn trash, intimidation, racial undertones… it is really my loss.

Estranged neighbor, unhappy tenants, and worst of all these two are playing with my money and my patience.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


A sure sign that fall is coming to Ann Arbor is Football season is in full swing.

You can tell by the extra 111,000 people who flock to the city on a given Saturday to pay $40.00 to park their flag waving family-mobile on plastic cup infested trash strewn golf course to sit on one square foot of the most unbearable butt damaging steel girder bench known to man. Wolfing down gut wrenching stadium dogs, dealing with unbearable lines for the bathroom. Enduring scorching heat or blistering cold to watch to teams go crazy over a small leather covered oblong ball, screaming till going deaf and living and dying on each set of downs…

God I love Michigan football.

Chad and the boys seem to have gotten off to a slow start this year. There performance against Notre Dame was, well let’s just say less than inspiring. Here you see them coming out of the tunnel, maybe the best play of the game.

I still have faith we will do well the rest of the year, Michigan tradition demands it. Hell this will probably be the catalyzing event that makes them go undefeated for the rest of year. That’s the way we do things in the Big House.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The new Office

The new office is awesome... we will be there Oct 3rd!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sushi lunch with Clarita.... yum

It was nice to get away to grab a quick Sushi lunch today!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah P was in town this weekend. It was her birthday. Although she does not like to be reminded that she is getting older, as you can see here by her friendly gesture in the main picture, she was as charming and beautiful as ever.

Not to mention that I got to hang with Hannah, Wendy, and Meghan as well. Me and four totally hot chicks, not to bad of a deal if you ask me.

Seriously it was a blast and those crazy girls, you got to love them. I mean who else you get pizza with at 2:00am that still makes time to TP someone’s house.

As for me I was just grateful to live thought the parking lot experience.

Just a few things to mention that I thought of after sobering up:

Meghan, really, your car is not made of Nerf.

Sarah, you are not that fashion critic for all the uof m students and drive-by screaming at them will not help.

Wendy, I know you wish your car was made of Nerf, but I am sure he is sorry.

Hannah, the trouble maker of the group, your so crazy. What was up with that cigarette guy?

Anyway I could not have planned a better time, thank you all for putting up with me.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Parrot, thank God for you

Some days you just need some good old coffee you get you going in the morning. My local haunt is the Drowsy Parrot. Good good coffee, and good people. I highly recommend it. Not to mention that awesome bird.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

With more and more Katrina info pouring in...

I am humbled, by the shear scope of what is going on down there in the after math of Katrina.

Please proceed carefully to just one blog that is documenting what is going on…

I am crushed and devastated.

Picture credit to the bog, and Josh Norman.

I can not fathom the trials of the people in that region.

The balance....

Just a reminder, that although nature is devastating, merciless, and unstoppable it is also breathtaking and beautiful.

I snapped this outside the hanger tonight with the phone.

The picture does not do it justice.

High gas prices... an apoligy for those who should know better.

On 8/25 I posted about high gas prices. I had, of course, no idea that Katrina would devastate the south.

As most Americans my heart goes out to the people afflicted by the devastating storm that hit the south. I feel helpless here so far away, I will send some money, I will do my part, but I wish I could do more.

It breaks my heart, but I swell with pride when I see how some people pull together to help each other it is the best of the human spirit.

On the other hand, the looting of non essential goods, the price gouging of gas and other basic goods and services, what more appalling devious, despicable deeds could there be. To take advantage of people when they are down; shame on those involved.

Even here the unsubstantiated price of gas, and don’t give me that bullshit about refinery destruction in the south and prices went skyward before the first drops of rain hit the ground in the south.

Along the heroism,it is greed that has reared its ugly head, and shame on those who profit once cent from this most dark time.