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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunset At The Park

Yesterday, at the park, the sunset was remarkable.

Here is quick shot.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My 36 Hours With a Dodge Viper

I could get used to this.

Its not just any weekend you get to borrow a super-car. Not just any car but my friends 500 hp blaring red Dodge Viper. The car just screams power. Driving a Viper while trying to obey the speed limits is like trying to hold back a 900lb dog on leash. This dog will go when and where it wants to and seems to have a mind of its own.

Let me start the beginning.

Getting into the car is an exercise in humility; just sitting parked the car is overpowering and seems to have just left enough room for you to get in as an afterthought. It is as if it was designed to drive itself and you are lucky enough to get to have a seat to go along for the ride.

Once seated, it seems like you were supposed to be there all along. The car is wrapped around you and the racing seats hold you like a glove. If the top is down your head only is exposed to the sunshine. Turning the key, and pushing in the clutch does nothing… but pushing the big red “START” button brings the beast abruptly from a slumber and throws you into a world full of growling snarling horsepower. Not even that wicked smile that somehow snuck onto your face can keep your hands from sweating and your heart from pounding.

The Herculean effort it takes to slowly release the clutch is rewarded by a fiction point ¾ of the way released and she springs forward like a cheetah coiled for the chase. The sound of the exhaust that runs directly through the rocker panel on each side of the car is intoxicating. This also creates a increase of cabin temperature of about 10 deg. and heat the panels up to a scalding point. This makes exiting the car another challenge but it produces a sound like no other car I have had the pleasure of running through the paces.

Speaking of paces, 6 gears in a standard pattern, and really you only need 3 or 4 period. The 5th and 6th are solely for breaking speed limits and sound barriers. For the record, I no were near got this car close to top speed and there was not really any recognizable power band that I could discern, just more power behind the power all the way until you cry uncle. Amazing.

Buy the way, this is a driving car. You don’t want to be talking on the phone; this car takes most of your attention. Besides the fact that pressing to hard on the accelerator can send the rear end into a powerslide you have the manual transmission to contend with and going from point a to point be at speeds just below the sound barrier means you are bound to be downshifting soon for the next stop sign or off ramp. It’s a bumpy, hot, jumpy , loud ride and its just perfect. Unless you are in a stop and go homecoming parade traffic then it’s a little like torture.

Did I mention that this car oozes attention. Honestly its like a one car parade where ever you go. You get more looks than a Ferrari, and the attention is also intoxicating. This would be a good time to mention that my girlfriend said I “change” when I am behind the wheel of this thing. What does she know?

As all things do, this good thing came to an end. I was a little relieved to park this thing and walk relatively unscathed. Better for the memory and for the realization that this car, like most things so intense, should be enjoyed in small doses.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shaky Jake- An Ann Arbor Institution

I would like to take a moment to pay some respect to Shaky Jake, who I just found out passed away last weekend at the estimated age of 82.

I used to work right down town; I must have seen him 100 times, interacted with him a dozen times and talked with him once or twice.

One thing, he was always around, always in a good mood, and never had a bad thing to say as far as I knew.

Here is a link to the full story from the Ann Arbor news. Photo credit to them as well.

Godspeed, Jake.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My 36 Hours With A Viper

Thanks to Chelsey’s need to go back as homecoming queen and a very very generous friend I have this Dodge Viper to drive around for the next day and ½.

I have to tell you first impressions: its nice. I could get used to this.

Got to go much to do but after my time with the car I will be giving a full report and let you know what I think about the whole experience.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My iPhone

Well some of you may know that I recently had a birthday.

Some others of you know that I have been waffling on this whole iPhone thing.

As of now I officially have an I phone, Barb G went and purchased one for me and now I have no excuses, A happy Birthday indeed. Whoever said girlfriends don’t pay attention did not have mine obviously. Generous and beautiful, wow!

I am proud she waited till the first price drop at least.

I have to be honest. I am a little scared. I mean, my Nokia N80 is not slouch, and I think that the camera may be a disappointment. But it is hard to say no to something so beautiful as the iPhone’s display. Ease of use, and in general fabulous UI.

So far I have to say, it has been an easy transition. Apple made it easy…almost too easy. Soon I will let you know how it works out.

Meanwhile I have to go wipe the smile off my face and polish my new toy. And try not to fell like a sellout. Damn Apple.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Go Blue

Today, finally, Michigan looked like the team they are supposed to be thoroughly trouncing the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Heart made mine skip a beat when he guaranteed a win this week. Usually bad luck in my book but not today.

Today he delivered with an unstoppable rush and with all the Notre Dame mistakes well 38-0 tells it all.

It was all Michigan, all day.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Praying Mantis

Surprise! Today at work I ran into this proud looking Mantis just hanging out on the screen. I can not even remember the last time I have seen one of these things. Thought I would get a quick shot and share it with everyone.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Big House

Today I witnessed the mighty fall. The Michigan Wolverines succumbed to the talents of Oregon. It was not pretty, it was not fun it was just at is was.

It was, coincidently, Gabriel’s first trip to the Big House. At 5, seeing 109,000 crazy fans must have been awe inspiring. He was so excited; he watched everything and paid attention to every play all the way until the half when we finally left.

Here is the thing. Michigan was loosing. Badly. When everyone started to boo, and shake their head and you could hear cursing under everyone breath. I could still hear little Gabriel’s little voice yelling : “Go Meechigan”. Jumping up and down even though he knew we were loosing, he never lost the gleam in his eye and his sincere hope for his team to do well. Here he is waiving his Michigan hat like he saw them doing doing the kick return.

It was sweet and reminded me how fair-weathered fans we all become when we loose our youthful enthusiasm.

On the drive home he said: “Oreo kicked our butts huh?” Yes Gabriel I guess they did. "Oh well" he said "next year".

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Steve Thanks for Reading My Last Post

Its ok to admit you read the vaporlife….

Thanks to Engadget for this one.

Steve Jobs gives all iPhone owners $100 back

El Jobso is "confident" Apple's made the right decision to lower the price of the iPhone yesterday -- and really, we can't fault them for knocking some cash off the top to attract new buyers, why is cheaper gear a bad thing all of a sudden? But even given the outcry, we definitely didn't see this one coming. In another open letter to his people, Jobs states that he's giving all iPhone owners a $100 Apple gift certificate (details to follow in the next week -- it goes without saying this will only apply to people who bought before the price drop). Well, that's mighty kind of you Steve. And definitely unprecedented in the consumer electronics industry that a company would give cash back to early adopters -- those most accustomed to buying a gadget first, asking questions later, and bottling their complaints when said gadget later drops dramatically in price.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

iPhone- A Study In Business Ethics

I hate to say I told you so but just two months after the iPhone was introduced a HUGE price reduction. Today, appled announced new iPods, as predicted, and a new iTouch iPod similar to the I phone and of course had to lower the iPhone price to keep the sales ticker going.

So to the first buyers I say… Sorry bout your luck. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Original price for the 8 gig: $599 now a measly $399.

Seriously though, this makes me made. Apple if you can still sell these at 1/3 less and make a profit, then what does that say about the first million you sold in the first two months? I know it was the BUSINESS thing to do, but what a way to treat your apple fanbase. Sure everybody does it… so it must be ok.

Here is an idea, be a REAL leader, Apple. Offer a superior product, at a FAIR price. Make a profit, but don’t break that back of the consumer just to make the board meeting go well. Steve: stock trickery not enough to boost your net worth? How about do what you love and the money will follow. Had you offered this at $399 at first, I might have one right now. Honestly I could probably come up with $599 if I had to, but damn. For these reasons and more, I am still not buying this thing yet…

But part of me wants to …

Damn Evil Apple.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Tom and Brenna’s party was this weekend. We made our appearance. The band was rocking, the party was happening and the fire, well the fire was raging.