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Vapor life... My life as it is, as it should be. *********************************************************************************************************** Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. Fran Lebowitz (1950 - )

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cool Gear: FastCap.jpg

My new favorite blog is I mean where else can you find a plethora of cool tools like this chisel that folds neatley into its own handel.
This alone my not seem like much but solves a problem I have always had carrying a chisel in my tool bag without dulling the blade or ripping onto the side of the bag.
So many cool tools I font know what I am going to do with my self.

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Holy Frost Bite Batman

This morning woke to 27• and frost on my spidey bungie cover.

Good thing I brought the plants in.

Tonight it is supposed to be a more reasonable 43• and spring resumes.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gool Vapor Gear

Falx Promises Private Tilt-Rotor Aircraft. Verdict: Improbable

One of the reasons I got my pilots license is so I could pilot my flying car as soon as they made one..... any time now guys.

From gizmodo.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fast Food Frenzy

Since my significant other is into watching what we eat, I found this cool thing where you can send a text message, and you can see exactly what you are eating. She loves it. But honestly it is a love hate thing for me because it seconds you can learn exactly what you are about to ingest with a simple text message.

Thanks to All you have to do is follow their instructions:

You put your phone in text message mode,

type in the menu item you need help with,

then send that info to DIET1 (34381).

I found myself playing with this thing, re-thinking my recent trip to Wendy’s.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fupid Pucking Seople

(Artist rendition of my noggin)

Today, In what can only be described as the most monumental display of ineptitude ever even conceived by mere mortals, I became so angry at the stupidity of the people on the other end of my phone that a piece my brain actually hardened into a physical example of my contempt, and broke away.

It hardened into a small chuck and resigned from the rest of my brain and is now free floating in my cranium bumping onto other parts reeking havoc in an already unstable and dangerous place.

“I have never seen anything like it” said the MRI guy at my local hospital. “A piece of his brain is like just floating round in there…” he stammered in disbelief.

Lets face if people, I don’t have a lot of real-estate to spare up there, but the prognoses it that I will still be able to lead a normal, albeit even more jaded life.

"While it is true he will be able to lead a normal life…” stated local brain expert
and local candle maker Dr. Mart Panysmts “its like pouring gasoline on an already raging bonfire of mistrust….” “quality of life is not likely to significantly suffer its really just going to be that much harder on the people around him”

The good news is it is the first documented case of such a cerebral oddity that I will have some sort of foot note in the record books. The bad news is I somehow signed the rights to my story over to Fox when I thought I was ordering a tuna salad sandwich for lunch in the waiting room. Look for my story on an up coming episode of house.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Wood Shop

Here you can see the "Tall Dresser" project coming together.

Next will be the drawers...a project in themselves.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Motorcycle Madness

I know that gas prices are high and spring is fully in charge, but everybody is bike/scooter crazy.

Seriously, nuts… everyone is considering getting one and I just hear that the Sec. Of State (DMV) cycle classes are booked through June already.

I have been explaining motorcycle quotes/ coverage on and off all day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breakfast Seat

Today at Alpha Coney I thought it was cool the way the squares on the
floor were reflected on the sliver stool.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bye to Cessna

Today we say our final "good bye" to the Cessna 182. In truth I am really sad to see her go. Not because I really got to fly her much, and not because I wont get to fly...I will. I still have the Piper.
I guess its really because I feel like another chapter of my life has gone by and how often do you get to see an aircraft from the factory through its first 600 Hours?
Honestly I may never know that again. Or will I.....

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Pet Stop

Am I the only one that thinks its funny there is a hyrdrant in front
of the pet store?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shop Update

This weekend in the shop, I finally got started on a project I have been meaning to get to for a while, the tall dresser.

Here you can see the beginnings of a project that I hope will turn into a fine piece of furniture.

You can see how I channel cut the corner pieces to receive the panels, and the panels have been datoed to revive the shelves.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Walker Bike

I have no words for this, except maybe:

Gives new meaning to “getting off on the right foot”

No kick-stand required.

Gift card to read: Doctor Seuss has nothing on me… a bicycle built for thee….

Chinese labor is paid so little, they have resorted to making transportation from what every they find lying around the factory floor.

Not for off road use, see our model with the cleats.

OK I guess I did have a few words.

Thanks Gizmodo


Parrot Madness

Today at the Parrot, While waiting for my bagel to be toasted this morning, hilarity ensued as Sarah tackled Ali for "spilling the beans" all over the floor then dancing on them. Come one ladies... cant we all just get along?