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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its F^€#ing Cold

Um, yea. Its like cold. After taking Tanner to the park, I took this
quick picture. Half hour out side after the sun went down= stupid. As
usual Tanner was not even effected.

Dear Corporate Network Admin:

To: Corporate ISC

Re: Ticket # *************


Dear Corporate Network Admin:

Thank you for monitoring my network. Since it is now imperative that we keep a high speed connection open due to the off sight structure of our enterprise network, I appreciate you letting me know when our network is experiencing difficulty.

I would also like to thank you for sending me a voice mail letting me know. Since the new system, you know the system you are in charge of, converts voice mail to comparatively large email attachments, I should be getting that right after you fix the problem.

In addition, it was cool that you locked down the email system so I have not access to these messages though any other internet enabled device. I mean security over function I always say.

I know no one ever takes the time to thank you guys, so once again thanks. I mean I am just sitting here anyway.

PS sorry if you get this after the ticket was resolved, my network is down and my messenger pigeon is out for mandatory ethics training.


Monday, January 28, 2008

This Weekend

Among other things I finished installing sink for my mother. I drew
this sketch for her to explain the drain.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dinner @ Dans

On a snowy Saturday night Chelsey wanted dinner @ Dans a local Bar.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Entire Contents My Main Tool Bag

For the record, The entire contents of my main tool bag. This was a
photo I took when I had to dry out the contents, don't ask.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Most Awsomest Invention Yet

Thanks to Gizmodo for finding this…

The best invention since sliced bread: the “Penoon” or the “Penork” or maybe the “Penife”.

Seriously they call them Pen top utensils, I call them genius.

I don’t know about you but if you sit around at work filling out useless forms still (paperless my ass) your bound to have a few disposable “Bics” laying around that would go great with these little gems.

Leave my desk to eat? To hell you say? I am eating here with my plastic top utensils and surfing the web.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Leopard - Spotted

Found in rec center parking lot...NICE!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thanks Steve- Update on the Updates

Ok Steve… thanks for the upgrades. It was just barely enough to keep me sane because, yes I was getting board with the almighty iPhone. I am telling you what; you just know how to keep people in check, just releasing enough to keep people happy but not enough to disrupt your revenue flow.

Don’t get me wrong, my thanks are sincere.

But I am seriously sad that I play by the rules (non-jail breaked by the book customer to a fault) when others push the envelope and have a slew of third party goodness that I can only dream about.

I forget what a geek I am and how so many people have no idea how the iPhone works. I caused a scene at the dentist when I whipped it out and caused several hygienists two doctors and a general crowd to drop everything and bask in the apple goodness that is iPhone. I expect an iTunes credit for the free publicity :)

One word of warning though: you are surfing on the razors edge. If you are this slow between upgrades(and charging $20 for the iTouch upgrade took rather large huevos my friend) you could have a fanboy revolt. Let loose a little, give the people what they want, you have plenty of money, just relax and let it go.

If you do you will be loved for it, if you don’t… well if you don’t you take your chances on the razor edge my friend. Just a thought.

Winter Lingers On

In spite of a recent touch of spring like warm tempatures, winter is
clinging on and the depressing dreary short cold days are taking a
toll on everyones attitude. Here is a shot of a light shining behind
some tall grass at the park that last week was weighed down with snow
but somhow rebounded.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacWorldDay- What is that Smell?

Ok its Jan 15th and all you nerds know what that means… Steve Jobs+ Apple news event = inevitable geek swooning over new Apple products.

While all the geekdom is a twitter with the possibilities and roomers, I admit I am semi-excited/hopeful that the iPhone firmware to 1.1.3

Come on Steve, fork over the goods.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kitty's Dark Form

Kitty sits brooding on the coffee table as her form matches her mood.
Lately she has been less friendly as her slide into the darkside
becomes complete.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CES : The end of Civilization

I was going to go on a long rant about CES the consumer electronic show in Las Vegas, but before my head could explode Gizmodo did it for me:

Ten Reasons We're Doomed: CES Edition

Oh, CES. You are a disgusting, bloated beast oozing everything that makes this industry horrible. Nay, everything that makes our culture horrible. Sure, to you fine readers it might look like it's all product announcements and good times, but that's far from the truth. In reality, it's a vile clusterfuck of nerds, sluts and suits; a deadly combo. Let me give you some reasons why CES signals the downfall of our society, if you can stand it.

1. Booth Babes
Are we such simple people? Are we so easy to manipulate that all it takes for us to decide that a product is worth writing about or purchasing are some out-of-work strippers in skimpy outfits handing out 64MB thumb drives? Yes! It seems to work. D-Link, a boring company, consistently had loads of pasty, sweaty show goers swarming around its booth, ogling their whorishly dressed booth attendants and grabbing at free handouts that aren't worth the jostling it takes to get them.

2. Gimmicky Booths
If a company is too classy to put half-naked women with no dignity in front of their booths to draw in foot traffic, it's pretty likely that they have some less offensive gimmicky crap in their booth. Cheesy fake game shows? Yes, that'll make me take your company seriously. Magicians? Wow, I an optimistic about your company's potential in the CE marketplace. I am interested in sharing this with our readers, as it seems like something that they should take seriously. Oh, wait, no it doesn't! You seem to have fooled me with your magic! Luckily, I have the sense of mind to ignore you and try to move past without being sucked into your tractor beam of the lowest common denominator.

3. Digital Picture Frames
Variations of these things are shown by the most companies at the most booths. Why? Digital picture frames are the worst gadget out there, tacky garbage that I can't imagine anyone would ever buy. But they do! These companies are all putting them out because you people are buying them by the truckload! They're essentially little flat-panel TVs with no tuners and a crappy frame wrapped around them. They then sit there, sucking up energy 24 hours a day, ruining our environment and making your living room look like the Fox News studio on the slowest news day in history.

4. Press Manipulation and Blog Wars
We get suckered in to covering CES like it's the second coming every year; we brought something like 14 people this time around. For what? So we can cover stuff we normally would pass on in hopes that we can get it up three minutes before Engadget. Companies cocktease us and make us go and do pointless liveblogs of their boring press conferences only to announce minor upgrades of the same garbage they released last year. This is worth 14 round-trip airline tickets and a dozen hotel rooms for a week?

5. Panasonic's 150-inch TV
This is probably the "biggest" announcement of CES, and it's a product that .000001% of the population will be able to afford if and when it's released five years from now. If that isn't a damning enough summation of why CES is irrelevant, I don't know what is. Isn't this show supposed to be about consumer electronics that will be released this year? This thing is neither, it's basically a big billboard from Panasonic saying "Our Dick is Bigger Than Sharp's Dick," and because we on the internet love pictures of over-the-top things, we shoot our loads all over it. Fuck the 150-inch TV.

6. Marketing Speak
The way people talk here is like 1984 if Big Brother was more interested in LCD TVs than suppressing the people. Is the Jook wireless streaming dongle really "revolutionary?" No, not even a little. Is it true that "There's a fine line between art and technology [and] it's called Opus, from LG"? No. That doesn't even make sense, and it offends me that you think I'd take such an idiotic statement seriously. You can't walk five feet on the show floor without hearing some horrible line of moronic marketing speak come out of the mouth of an overly perky 5-foot-tall PR girl in a pantsuit, and it makes me want to stab myself in the ears.

7. Designer Tasers
How are violent weapons with a sassy case one of the most buzzed about gadgets here? How are Tasers even considered gadgets? These things have clearly been erroneously put in the hands of cops and security guards everywhere who see them as a great alternative to handling situations verbally, and now we're supposed to give them to people who see leopard print as a pretty hip fashion choice? Commodifying serious violence isn't funny or cute, and just because you slap the shittiest MP3 player ever in a hip holster for a pink Taser doesn't make it a gadget I'd want to see people carrying around.

8. Knockoffs, Accessories and Other Cheap Crap
Half the stuff at this show is utter junk, created by money-obsessed vultures who would kick their own mothers in the teeth to figure out a way to trick consumers into paying a 5000% markup on something that nobody wants. It's booth after depressing booth of Wii weapons, nano knockoffs, iPod accessories and any number of other things that are pumped out at alarming rates with no thought being put into innovation or usefulness. When you disregard the top, most visible 1%, pretty much every consumer electronics company eschews good engineering, good design and imagination for getting derivative garbage out to market as fast as possible. It's a marketplace overflowing with lazy ripoff artists, greasy-haired shysters just looking to make a quick buck with the least amount of effort possible. And that's not even mentioning the environmental impact of manufacturing thousands upon thousands of tons of plastic crap every year, a good chunk of which ends up in landfills.

9. MyVu Video Glasses
While marketing weasels love to talk about bringing people together with technology, a lot of the crap shown here at CES encourages just the opposite. Take the MyVu video glasses, for example. If the folks behind this stupid device had their way, we'd all be in our own little worlds all the time, unable to see anything but the video we're watching. Hell, all sorts of "innovations" promote the same thing: don't talk, text message. Don't hang out in real life, hang out in Second Life. Don't travel to the Grand Canyon with your family, check it out on the Travel Channel in HD. The way these things are headed, we'll all be plugged into our own private media centers all the time, with our only human interaction happening when we need to update our credit card info with the home office.

10. CES is Leaving Las Vegas
Apparently, CES might be leaving Las Vegas for greener pastures in the future. This makes me sad. Let me tell you my favorite part of Vegas. In our hotel, the Imperial Palace (the crown jewel of the strip), they have a Dealertainers Pit in its casino. The Dealertainers are celebrity impersonators that deal blackjack. They aren't the best or most accurate impersonators in the world (the J. Lo impersonator is Asian, for example), but they have heart. We befriended the Bette Midler Dealertainer last year, falling in love with her off-color jokes and sassy demeanor. One of the first things I saw when checking in at the hotel this year? Ol' Bette, looking a whole lot older and a little bit less sassy. But she was here. And if I can't depend on seeing Bette, then what's the point of coming to CES in the first place?

[Photos 1, 2, 3 and 6 by Curtis Walker]

Monday, January 07, 2008

Mina's Case

Finally all set up in her room.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Night Snow

A usually unremarkable path through the woods proves almost impassable with the heavy snow weighing down the branches on either side. What is crazy is on Monday it is supposed to be 50 degrees and all of this will be a giant wet mess.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Go Blue! Michigan Wins the Capital One Bowl!

To start the New Year out right, The Michigan Wolverines beat the heavily favored Florida Gators in the Capital One Bowl ending Coach Carr’s career on a winning note. Carr leaves a legacy , with a national championship, and an impressive winning record.

This also will help salvage the feelings for several of the seniors leaving the Michigan team including quarterback Chad Henne who had a career day.

Truth be told I heard that Michigan was assisted by an discarded offensive armband play book rumored to have come from mighty limb of the Great Tebow’s arm himself. Armed with complex inner workings of the offensive mind of the Gator machine, we did have an unfair advantage (spy shots below).

The best part of the game: reminding us all how much heart, determination, and sheer will can make all the difference. Seems like Gabriel was right back in the early season when all the naysayers were booing reminding how great our team really can be.

New Years Day 2008

Unlike last year we have had our share of Snow already this year. We woke this morning to find 6 inches or so of new snow. Back breaking heavy wet snow. This gave me something to push around on the ATV and tanner something to run around in.

I took this quick shot of the neighbors tree line that was exceptionally snowy.

Tanner, unlike me, was built for the cold and thought nothing of sitting on the back of the 4wheeler while we tooled around pushing the heavy stuff. I was wet and cold and was just glad to get done before the 1:00 Capital One Bowl… Go BLUE!