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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Overheard tonight on the couch:

(While playing with the kitty and some string)

The Girl: "I am glad you are playing with the Kitty, I am afraid that is all the exercise she gets lately."

Me: "I doubt it, she probably runs around all day when we're not here."

(The cat interrupts with ninja/matrix move)

The Girl: " I have seen her when we are not here... she is sleeping."

Me: " probably....wait... what?"

(Kitty rips string out of my hand and runs off with it)

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More Movie Madness:

Apparently David Arquette is in town filming Scream 4.

He posted this twitpic on twitter today standing at Zingerman's bread counter.

I kinda wish I would have had his lunch instead of mine today.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Remote Hell:

"Why are there a shit load of remotes on our coffee table?" you might ask...

Well I will tell you:

The one on the left,our harmony 880 remote decided to go rouge. It just went awol and certain buttons just wont work. Nice. the problem is it lured us in with its ease of use,macro magic, and pretty screen, making me forget how to run the TV without it. Like a drug dealer luring us in and letting us get addicted... then it just took an f'n trip.

So until I have time to take it apart, and I will be doing that soon, I was forced to re-learn how to run everything. *sigh* I remember the days when "programming the VCR clock was the hard part now it like re-tasking a satellite.

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After working Saturday....

After working Saturday....this was a Sunday of fixing things again. Or at least attempting to do so. Thanks to Ron for all this help with the Scotts lawn tractor. I do appreciate it. Here is a photos of the path of belt as it was up on the jack.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best comment of the day:

(on a random gizmodo post about iPhone 4)

“I am not going to say all people that use iPhones are douchebags, I am just saying all douchebags use iPhones.”

Best comment of the day from iwisiwasjeff


Thursday, June 24, 2010

While others seem to be bent on being repsonsible...

I find myself enamored by retro video games that they allow me to purchase/play.... directly on the Wii...

Will this Peter Pan thing ever end?

I hope not, I think this might be the only thing keeping me from going crazy.


Close cow.

Just a cow,
up close.

Stuck me as funny and interesting.
Dont over think it.

Just a cow,
just a post.

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More Storms

After about three inches of rain fell in about two hours... I was up this morning at 6 mopping water in the basement. It wasn't much but enough I could not let it just set there.

The lightning last night was incredible and the rain just a little to much for the already saturated ground to handle.

Apparently I should be happy, a tornado touched down just south of the house last night. I could be sifting through rubble instead of picking up limbs from the front yard.

Photo courtesy of Kara A. Makara and


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Detroit Rock City

Easy now mother nature.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Me: right now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

OK Monday - So its going to be like that huh?

OK Monday - So its going to be like that huh?

Pictured: Envelope I was waiting for arrived today, slightly tattered missing the contents... of course.

Is that all you got?


Really Monday, broken lawnmower belt.....

Touche' my great foe... Touche'.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day everyone.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Large drops of water...

Large drops of water...look like beads of glass this morning on the
plants outside. It did not take long for the heat of the day to melt
them away.

Last Night I slept

Last Night I slept for what felt like 100 years... and I could have
slept for 100 more.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lunch at Amadeus ...

Lunch at Amadeus ... with my old friend Jeff was an amazing surprise today.
Not sure if the company or the food was better.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sometimes I wish everyone would remember this simple fact:

Sometimes I wish everyone would remember this simple fact:....Including me.

Thanks LifeHacker


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not taking enough time off ...

Not taking enough time off is starting to wear on me a little.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Transference Issues:

I have a close friend who has some possibly serious health issues.

I am bleeding money from currently un-rented rental condo that has to undergo some renovations (costing more money) before it can be rented/sold.

I am still getting yelled at from people who don’t have/understand/want to hear about flood insurance making my work a nightmare.

The Girl is stressing about the living conditions of the girl, whose dorm in DC is apparently having issues making it virtually uninhabitable.

But what is really getting to me?

A fricken ground mole. A ground mole is tearing up the edge of my lawn.

That’s right, I have chosen to transfer all of my anger issues from above to a small furry rodent who is relentlessly tearing up a path between my house and the neighbors. I have to say that this was possibly the worst time for a mole to invade the area as I have admitted transference issues and this could quickly get out of control. I was “patrolling” the area his weekend hoping to spot the bugger hoping almost welcoming a confrontation. There was some visual confirmation of ground movement that caught me off guard and weaponless on Saturday morning. Rushing in proved fruitless as it quickly disappeared into its sanctuary of every growing labyrinth of tunnels. Yes this will likely only get worse before it gets better. At this point I am not willing to take any option off the table, even a tactical nuclear strike.

I am hoping to keep things from escalating to a comical series of events ala Caddy Shack (its not a ground hog but a ground mole BTW) but only time will tell how this will end. Meanwhile, maybe its healthy to have an issue to vent to… or maybe not. One thing is for sure, it is possibly the worst time to be a mole in our yard. For both the mole and I.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Haiku

Crazy dog woke us early.

We'll go to farmers market!

MMMM... farm fresh produce.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Overheard today at the Park: Haunted tree

Random kids at the park(running up falling all over themselves)

Can we pet your dog?


Ok thanks for asking.

Random kids at the park:

Your dog is nice , that one (pointing) is mean, he bites.



Last child remaining: (others interest waning)

That tree is scary.



Last child :

That tree, its haunted.


OK...we are going to continue on our walk now, see you later

Last child:

OK (skipping off in a Damien like manner.)


(looking at the tree) Haunted?


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Country

The girl checks in from the nations capital with a text to her mother:

Im sitting in front of a big beautiful fountain for lunch today and this is my view. And its 80s and sunny but not humid so its pretty much perfect today!


emotional eggshells

Its been a weird week, with a lot going on . most if it not really that great.

I feel like I am walking on emotional eggs shells with metaphorical bare feet... if that make any sense.

I don't see this weekend bringing any relief.

Thanks to alto basso for the cool photo.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cool gear: best table ever

I thought we had a cool dining room table but this one is frickin awesome.

Worthy of James Bond, this may be the best piece of furniture I have ever seen. Thanks to Hack a day for this one.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Overheard Last Night on the Couch.....

(Watching the direct TV Commercial)

The Girl:
That space guy looks like Rob Lowe.

I think he looks more like Stiffler.

The Girl:
Really, I dont think so.

Lets look it up.

The Girl:
Lets not.

(in the end I realized way to late that there was no winning here)

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Oh snap. This shit just got real

Decisions, decisions.

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Dear website designer:

I am not sure who designed your site but if your goal was to make a frustrating portal into the very bowls of hell itself, then to you I say: Job well done.

Your interface: lacking.

Your appearance: mundane.

Your mind numbingly frustrating timing out and server crashing madness: Pure evil genius.

The fact that your site has inspired me to rip off my own arm and whittle the parts I need out of my humorous bone is amazing. I now need the parts I was looking for AND anger management therapy as it took all I could muster to keep from throwing my laptop out the window.

Did I mention I still do not have what I was looking for.

Making a sight that frustrates me is difficult but you have succeeded admirably. The BEST PART was when you “customer satisfaction” survey even crashed.

You are clearly working on a different level. Bravo, my friends.



Things I would have rather done today than go to work:


Delivering the news “your kitten has died… oh and it was a hot mess”

Tax audit.

Root canal- gone wrong.

New Job: BP head of public relations


Thanks to Doug for the comic.

Actual drug use greatly exaggerated.

Actual contempt underestimated.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Serious storms marching through

Two tornado WARNINGS in two hours.

really its getting a little "boy who called wolf" isn't it ?

Really though, we are taking them serious.

Serious-ish anyway.


Something about a nicely trimmed bush...

Something about a nicely trimmed bush...That makes me smile.
Today was all about the yard work. The weather was nice and in the end a light rain cooled things off perfectly.

PS- Get your mind out of the gutter.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Further proof you see what you want to....

I wonder what makes my mind wander.


While I was fulfilling my role as worker bee ....

Gwen , the truck, was whisked away this morning for a photo shoot. It is true. It seems my friend works for “one of the world's leading automotive industry suppliers specializing in driveline and chassis technologies.” and they make some parts for Gwen and need some photos for… well I guess brochures and such.

I was asked by him last weekend as no one at there HQ seems to have my exact model/make vehicle so that is how it all came to be. So why not?

But this morning I started to think…How sad is it that Gwen the truck has a more exciting life then me?


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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Random Tuesday Observations:

I have not gone off on a rant in a while. I really really really tried to be nice, but it just did not work out. Here goes (deep breath):


I want to put the utilities back in my name from my Tenants. First you tell me its shut off and I have to go there in three days to get it turned back on. You cant tell me when it was shut off ? The account was not in my name? Fine…. But when I call you back, with the current account holder and she is standing there, with the lights on and the gas running... I am pretty sure they are not off. No her apt so shut off was for later today, so can we just fix it? Sure is only took half hour for you to agree.

Me: So its the utilities will stay on and switch to my name:

DTE: Yes

Me: So we are all set.

DTE : Yes, they will see you on Thursday.

Me: Wait, you said I only have to be there if they were shut off.

DTE : That’s right,

Me: you said they will not be shut off.

DTE: that is correct

Me: Do you see where I am going here, not shut off so why do I have to go there?

DTE: Because the computer says you have to?

Me: OK help me out here. Lets try this, If I call back later, will the computer confirm I DON’T have to be there.

DTE: Possibly

Me: Terrific. For sure, you are saying utilities will not be shut off in this transition.

DTE: Yep.

CVS Pharmacy:

If I buy two things from you, and my receipt is two feet long.. something is seriously wrong. Who is the mental midget who thought this was a good idea. Sure that .50 cents off 50 digital pictures is really helpful but LAY OFF THE PAPER ALREADY. Apple does a lot of things wrong but emailing me a receipt is the best invention EVR. PS I hear you can email crappy coupons too… just a thought.

Re: Wiki how: feeling a loss after your favorite show cancels? Here is some tips to cope.

Seriously? Here is a tip: Get over it. Get your ass on off the couch you watch to much TV anyway. Its freaking summer, go outside for Pete’s Sake.

Re: Bitchy clients

I am sorry that you are canceled, its is because (circle the one that best fits your situation)

You committed fraud.
You did not pay.
You are other-wise not eligible.

Please do not take it personal. Just (stop being felonious/pay/stop driving like you own the road) and likely the problem will take care of itself. And now you are yelling… I hope this is making you feel better beacase yelling is not helping you. At least I am making sense. Tell you what call me back Thursday between 8-12 I will be glad to talk to you in detail.