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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Randomly weird:

In a long string of randomly weird things today...

I just realized everything I have had to drink today came out of a green container. Not green as in "tree hugging" but actual green in color.

These are the kind of weird things I notice... BUT I STILL FORGET WHAT DAY IS TRASH DAY? Go Figure.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Tuesday observations: Insomnia edition

I know that I have gone through this exact thought process myself on more than one occasion:

Thanks to xkcd for this one.

(the best part is the comment : "crap I have levitation class at 25:131. I had better set the alarm to "cinnamon")


On a MUCH less somber note:

I found my self downtown for a long lunch with an old friend who proceeded to cheer me up quite considerably. Burger at the Blue Tractor... Highly recommended,


Dawn breaks....again

Dawn breaks....again

For me at least, its another day. Dawn brings with it the promise of a new day and the warmth of spring that is promised this week.

Something about this time of year when the sun comes up right between the houses at the precise angle to catch the dew always catches my eye. Today it was more like frost and it did not glisten quite as well but I have taken this photo before.

I took almost this exact same photo almost exactly one year ago, honestly I did not realize this until I looked at the archives.

It reminds me that 1 year ago would have been Jarrods B-day (tomorrow really) and that this Saturday would have been the anniversary of his death.

Honesty it struck me that I have still not forgiven him, and it does not help that death again haunts me as a father of a close friend just passed. Although also not expected and not nearly as close to me, it was not nearly as jarring just another bit of fuel for the emotional fire brewing within me.

I probably should have more forgiveness in my heart but I just don’t see that in the near future.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Speaking of the rain;

It may have rained, but things still had to get done. Work still needed to be completed, and the dog still expected to go to the park.

In the cold light rain and mud, along the rivers edge the tree roots of this exposed tree on a sharp bend caught my eye. I smiled despite myself, the dog also seemed to take notice and walked up closer for a little sniff herself. I t reminded me I was glad to be out there, and of a quote I once read:

"I am sure it is a great mistake always to know enough to go in when it rains.
One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge,
but one misses a world of loveliness."
Adeline Knapp

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A cold rain chased away our sunshine turning the road into a cold wet
reflective surface. With the rain came a general gloom that replaced
the hope of a warmer spring like day.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I stopped listening to the voices in my head...

But that does not mean they have stopped telling me what to do. They have just switched to Spanish.

I hate working Saturdays.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Ahhhhhh..... Spring!

It may have been in the twenties when I woke this morning but signs of spring were everywhere. Hidden bulbs finally start to yield sprouts as green finally starts to overtake the grays of winter throughout the neighborhood.


Shop Update: used gear

It's always a little sad to see someone give up the wood working game.
My freinds brother decided to do just that so I picked up a this used
Hitachi compound miter and a few clamps from him. Also a few other
items that should make working in the shop a little more fun.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Power of the Farce

This is a good one to click on to enlarge.

Cool gear: Crap Gadget edition.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

(pauses for breath)

Ha ha ha ha ha

*here* for more details

Thanks engadget

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why the US patent office needs an overhaul:

Ultra vague accelerometer patent filed in 2006 seems to cover every touchphone on the market, granted last week.

Great! Just what was needed.

click *here* to read more

Thanks to Engadget for this one

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I hate scammers: low life scum.

I’m calling you out Patrick501854.

Turns out the girl was looking for a used car and found this add for a 2005 Acura caught her eye. Why not, a car that should book out at 15k selling for 3500, loaded, 1,200 rims. Sounds to good to be true right? Well guess what... it is.

After an inquiry, the “seller” replied:

Subject: Re: Acura TL

I'm writing you regarding my Acura TL. The car is still for sale. My asking price for the car is $3500. The car is currently located in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a 2005 model loaded with everything including DVD Navigation, Wood Grain trim, Camel color leather interior and handsfree link & bluetooth telephone. The exterior is a rare Acura Abyss Blue Pearl. The car has AEM Polished Aluminum Cold Air Intake. Currently the car has 84,250 miles, it is very well maintained, it has just been completely serviced. The engine runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The tires are Goodyear Eagle F1 Tires that are nearly new. The beautiful wheels are 19" Chrome Zenetti Duece. I'm selling the car because I don't have time to enjoy it due to my job (i work as a casino dealer on a cruise ship) plus that I have some financial problems and I need money very soon. I have to tell you that I'm currently at work and I left the car in Little Rock at the shipping company, it is already packed and waiting to be shipped anywhere. If you decide to purchase it, you will receive all the documents of the car (owner's manuals, keys, clear title, bill of sale) in order to register it under your name. Regarding the payment, I will use only eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection program. If you are interested, this is how eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection program works:
1. You send me your full name, complete address (I need for shipping) and your phone number.
2. I open a transaction with eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection.
3. eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection will contact you with an invoice regarding our transaction.
4 You will send the payment to eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection and they will notify me to ship the vehicle to your location.
5. After you will inspect/drive the vehicle and decide to keep it, eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection will forward me the funds and the deal is done.
Basically, eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection will secure the funds until you will receive and inspect the car. You will have 5 days inspection period. If the vehicle is not like described, you will have to ship it back on my expense and they will give you a full refund. This way, you will be able to inspect the vehicle before committing to buy it and I know that you have the money and you aren't just fooling around. I will wait your reply.
Thank you!

Thankfully, she asked us to look at this and these were my red flags:

Car is priced to good to be true (rims alone are worth 1200)

Blue book is 13-18k by my estimates. (also similar cars for sale in that price range)

Seller is conveniently not around (cruise ship casino dealer, really?)

His conditions are too good to be true.

He says he wants to use ebay vehicle purchase protection but this car is not for sale on ebay, but per their own website this is not correct.

Seller says car is in Arkansas but selling a car in

Add was posted on 3/5 and this “super deal” has no been swept up yet.

eBay vehicle purchase protection does not work like he has said in his email

Then I found *this*.

So I guess it really is Caveat emptor. It pays to be skeptical and my suspicious nose sometimes pays off. I guess we were lucky, we were not too greedy to see the signs, but I wonder how many people he got (or will get) to send money. In the end I did all I could: I reported this as possible scam.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HTC EVO: The reason Apple should be scared...

Why Apple should be scared...
and why I might, for the first time in a LONG TIME,consider sprint again.

The HTC EVO is , at least on paper, a monster iPhone killa.

Check it our *here*

or click on this link via *Giz*


Just another argument....

Just another argument at our house.... That I will never win. *

(* But i'm right)


Random Tuesday observations:

You! Yes you with the Champaign colored infinity, nice left turn form the rt. turn lane. I did not know they still passed out drivers licenses in boxes of cereal. I though you wanted the extra berth to make a u-turn but instead you are just a douche. No being late for your dinner at outback is not a good excuse, it just makes you more douchier.

City of Ann Arbor, law makers (AKA City Council)

Your new planned ban on electronic devices is just to broad, stupid, and quite frankly annoying.

As planned it reads:

The ordinance bans motorists and bicyclists in Ann Arbor from using "any device" to do any of the following:

· Talk to or listen to another person.
* Create, send, transmit, read or listen to a text message, verbal message, oral message or electronic message.
* Leave a recorded message.
* Create, send, transmit, review, read a map or other image, whether or not the image or map includes or is accompanied by written or oral messages.
* Use the Internet.

So I can’t use a Bluetooth hands free device? A gps? What about talking to a passenger or plying the with the radio (are radio commercials a verbal message?) Ban texting and surfing while driving and leave it at that. What about hands free systems? Your wording is too broad and if you pass this you are stupid. I have an idea, keep you segway on the sidewalk and take it over to the park and hug a tree and let the gown-ups drive will you?

(PS my apologies to anyone you has had a family member hurt by a distracted driver, but poorly written overly restive laws/rules a just not good for anyone.)

RE: City of Ypsilanti school closings:

20% of the district? Really? Ouch. I can’t even rage about this one. Times out tough and loss of tax revenue I am sure is taking its toll. That just sucks.

My family:

In the face of everything I stand for, I will just say this: Sometimes its embarrassing to be part of this dysfunctional mess. By sometimes I mean always and by mess I mean disaster on a biblical scale. On the other hand thanks for making me, as an individual, look better.

Finally I have been told today that sometimes I come across as whiney...and to that I say:

I amm nnoooooooott!

End of Tuesdays observations

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Monday, March 22, 2010

I swear someone removed my brain today:

And dipped it in Novocaine.

I cant even blame drinking...

Mondays suck.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sundays are for :

Putting in flooring at the rental house...and all the other things
that had to be crammed into one day as it was a working Saturday weekend.

Apparently Sundays are for getting stood up by prospective new tenants as well.


Friday, March 19, 2010

OMG it's so nice out.

I opened the sunroof. 65 and sunny! Nice.

The Kitty:

Uncharacteristically Kitty was super affectionate last night demanding to sit in my lap in the Girl’s absence AND purring to boot.

Of course it is probably only because the Girl is out of town (most likely) taking her favorite lap with her and/or the Kitty is kissing a little ass as she knows she is on my shit list for knocking over and breaking a candle holder that was a present for the girl (way way, less likely).

For me it was just a pain in the butt as I had to reach over the fur ball to type on the keyboard. This only lasted for while before she decided she wanted to pick a fight and started to chew on my leg before I chased her away. She always has a chip on her shoulder and last night was no exception. The rest of the night was filled with practice stalking and an occasional ambush for the wii cord as I tried my hand at some boxing occasionally distracting me enough to get me punched in the face.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mmmmm Bacon:

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random IM of the day:

(co-worker) [1:18 PM]:

when calling the police about animal control should I call the general line or the front desk? all i can find for our area is ann arbor and ypsi and i am neither

(me) [1:22 PM]:

I mean... I did not know it was so bad in your office that you had to call animal control

‎‎(co-worker)‎‎ [1:22 PM]:

U have no idea...
(me) [1:22 PM]:

apparently i dont

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Happy St Patricks day

When your not drinking, ST Patrick’s day seems like another day at the zoo.

That being said, a GUINNESS sounds really good today.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Tuesday observations:

Almost to tired to rant this week.

More random Tuesday observations.

KUMON parents:

Just because you signed your kids up for the faux education service, this does not automagicly make you a good parent. Try getting you stupid ass off the call phone and pay some attention to your child. Just a thought.

Chatroulette users:

Really? Your that bored? OK it is kind of fun in a creepy sort of way. Why does it feel like you one or two clicks from being charged with something? No wonder it’s popular.



California Prius driver (and other Toyota drivers trying to cash in)

Put it in freaking neutral- or drive into the ocean- it will stop trust me.

What? Nothing really wrong with the car? I am so shocked! (feign surprise)


Look, you are pushing this adorable little neighbor to the south thing to far.

Your acting like the annoying kid in the movie theater that keeps kicking our seat. We only thought Sadam was dangerous and look what happened to him. STOP KILLING PEOPLE.

Don’t make us come down there.

(sorry for any disrespect John)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings

Who ever thought up daylight savings time should be punished in cruel and unusual ways.

This just helps prove that I am not and never will be a ‘morning person’

Tanks to Endless Supra for the great photo.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shop Update: Reclaimed Wood Table

Finally I am starting a new project that I have been waiting to do for a long time.
I am calling it the "4-5" table because I was lucky enough to obtain two planks of solid Elm that were the 4th and 5th sequential cuts (of 15) from a large local fallen Elm tree. The 3x3 post pictured are maple.

The grain it amazing and I plan to work in the natural exposed edge to the design.
I am really excited about this one.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting in Brown city this Morning. Cold wet and muddy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am not saying I am inflexable:


Thanks to Christoph Niemann for the artwork.


Stupid Email

I just recieved a really dumb email. It's so many kinds of wrong I
feel like I should take the sender aside and spend the time to explain
The problem with email is it allows people to spread stupid at the
speed of the Internet.
Sometimes I feel like I am fighting a blizzard of dumb with a plastic
spoon of common sense.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random thoughts on way to work today:

Aka a glimpse at how my mind works:

(to myself)

What is today? 3/11?
I like 3/11’s music
I really need to sort out my music library.
I never did by a 2nd drive to back up my back up drive.
I think my ‘membership’ for ecost expired.
Expired? I never did put the registration stickers on the plane.
I have to get out to the hanger soon.
The weather is nice finally, but is supposed to rain.
I hope it does not rain went I go hunting this weekend.
Am I going to be able to hunt with my thumb bandaged up?
Better call Ron and talk to him.
Where did I put those Filson pants?
Shit I have to cut the wood for the shelves the Girl wanted before I go.
I really want to start on that shop project.
I have to call Mike about the welding stuff.

What time is it?

Craptastic… I’m running late.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I am so not interested in:

Things I am so not interested in:

Anything that is on TV right now.
The Kitty's fleeting inerest in sitting in my lap.
Anything with teen vampires.
More cold weather.
Going to work tomorow.

Wednesday Haiku


Buttons are my foe

Keyboard laughs behind my back

No thumb is no fun

If you remember I cut myself the other day, and I did a number on it... its taking a while to heal.

Thanks to Savage Chickens for the cartoon.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

just Caffeine

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Cool Site: Fiverr

Ever wonder, in this economy...

What someone would do for a fin? Now you don’t have to. You can just go to and see a vast array of postings of just that.

Things people will do for five dollars.

Sound stupid? Sure, but its almost endlessly entertaining.

Serious safety slip-up.

I own guns and knives and for the most part I am super careful with them.

These things are tools, and meant to be handled as such, should never be played with and demand the respect I afford to them.

That being said this morning, I cut the shit out of my thumb.

Why? I was uncharacteristically careless with a super sharp knife.

While I was bleeding all over the place it got me thinking. Given a long enough time line, it is human nature to get careless with things that we are familiar with. Take driving. People get really stupid, and the respect that should go with a 3-4000 lb battering ram gets lost in the “got to get there” attitude.

Even flying, I see pilots get careless, and do things that normally should not be done. Although I like to think for me, the adrenaline reminds me to be vigilant, mistakes have been made I can tell you even a little mistake there can be eye opening.

I guess what I am getting at is with today’s life style, it is easy for get complacent with everything we do. For me, I am going to try and remind myself … slow the F down and watch what you are doing.


This Weekend: Chalk one up in the disapointment column

Chalk one up in the disappointment column.

It just did not really go as planned.

Crap. Its Monday again.

Thanks to ModernDayGilligan for the photo

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Cool gear: Microsoft's Courier

I have mentioned this *before* but I have heard new rumors that Microsoft will push this out by Q3 Q4 THIS YEAR.

Let me just be clear about this:


If you are not familiar with it, check it out here
it makes the iPad look like an iFlop.

Thanks engadget

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From Russia With Love

As I had mentioned before, the girl’s studies took her to Russia where she is still… only now the student blog is up and running you can see it *here* if you like. She tends to write in volumes, but it is engrossing making the posts fly by. Here is an excerpt:

(talking about a small city in northern Russia)

“I knew that the city was looking forward to our arrival, but don’t think I could have ever comprehended the level of their excitement and mystification. We are the first group of foreigners (with the exception of Professor Makin of course) to come to this city and visit, so in a small way I can try to understand their emotions, but I can’t help but think about it inversely; if a group of students from another nation came to America, we would of course be very welcoming, but it would not be anything like this!”

The stark difference in culture makes it an interesting read if anyone is to inclined to read it. She will be back home soon and the better for it. In all of her travels these small villages seems to have left a big impression on her already.

Ahhhhhh..... Spring

Its nice to see the days are finally getting longer and its not pitch black out when driving home at 6:45 pm last night.

Its almost like someone flipped a switch this week: the snow is receding like a low tide and the promise of spring and warmer weather brings an un-controlled smile to my face.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Text to ya later (Todays Text Exchange)

(Random text from a friend)

- Dans? Old Town? Fridays?

What are places I wish I could drink?-

- Places u r drinkn at after work tonight.


- See you after Easter.

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Further proof my Printer is EVIL:

I don’t wan to beat this thing to death but after the last printer incident I ended up just switching out printers and all was good.

By “all was good” I mean after wading though about an hour of uninstalling/reinstalling enterprise self install utilities, I had a working printer again. Sort of, I still could not use the paper tray lid but whatever it was working.

For a while.

Today my new printer took a giant steaming dump on my productivity again just like that last one. Same make an model, what did I expect (I only have so many “approved” printer choices here at work where they keep all this shit locked down as if printer drivers were national secrets). Like an evil twin channeling itself through the good twin it took only a week for this one to start eating pages like they are Pringles out of a can.

I am at wits end, and am starting to see evil printers around each dark corner lurking in wait for the most in-appropriate time to jump me and f-up my day.

Seriously, I am going to start etching into stone tablets soon.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Random Tuesday observations

OK so I found a few words:

Re: US Senate

Stop fighting girls… you are all pretty. Can we run the country now?

Re: Apple Suing HTC

Some advise: Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. PS… do you have a patent for stupid ideas, cuz this was a good one.

Re: Detroit Fire fighters

(Who parked on a fire truck on the train track)

Seriously, what did you expect? Kudos on finding the only thing bigger than a firetruck on the block though.

Re: Tim Burton

Crazy much? PS- I totally want to see your new movie.

Re: Mayor of Topeka

Google, really? I just re-named you: Stupid.

Re: BK “tiny hands” commercial writer

You just creeped me out… Now I’m no longer hungry. Good Job

End of observations

Thanks to Ben Heine for the photo.

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Cool Photo - Multiple exposure

Today I had a lot to say today but had trouble finding any words.

I did find this cool photo on Gizmodo and if you think this is cool check out the rest *here*.


Monday, March 01, 2010

The Olympics Are Over:

Am I disappointed that USA lost to Canada in Hockey: Sure

Am I sad the the winter Olympics are over: Not really.

The biggest reason I will miss them: Spectacular crashes.

I am not sure what that really says about me.


Breaking news: Karma makes a comback


Kilpatrick May Face More Charges

Motion Filed With Michigan Court Of Appeals

DETROIT -- Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick may face other charges tied to claims that he violated probation by failing to meet a $79,011 restitution payment deadline.

Prosecutors said in a motion Friday to the state Appeals Court that they "will seek to add additional charges" not under the court's order postponing a probation revocation hearing.